Trump Draining the Swamp Triggers Globalist Panic, Threats

Former FBI director James Comey fired back at President Donald Trump Saturday, vowing that his upcoming revelations will allow the American people “to judge for themselves who is honorable — and who is not.”
Comey tweeted minutes after the president crowed again on Twitter about his Friday firing of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who the president said was “caught.” Trump added: “How many lies? How many leaks? Comey knew it all, and much more!”

McCabe was fired for his alleged lack of candor during an internal review of how the FBI and Justice Department handled an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. But Trump also mentions McCabe’s wife in his earlier tweet. Jill McCabe, a Democrat who lost a state Senate race in Virginia in 2015, accepted $500,000 from the political action committee of then-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (Trump’s “Terry M”). McAuliffe is a longtime ally of Hillary Clinton (“Crooked H” in Trump’s tweet).



Bitter McCabe Gave Memos on Trump Conversations to Mueller After Firing


Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director fired on Friday night, kept memos detailing his interactions with President Donald Trump, according to a source familiar with the matter.

McCabe was terminated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions ahead of a forthcoming inspector general’s report that has found he lacked candor when speaking with investigators about his disclosures to the media. But McCabe has connected his firing to what he describes as a broader campaign to discredit him given his likely cooperation with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian electoral meddling and Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

The 49-year-old bureau veteran’s move to memorialize his interactions with the president adds a new wrinkle to the circumstances behind his firing, which leaves McCabe’s pension in jeopardy and raises the still-unanswered question of whether he will pursue legal action. The news was first reported by the Associated Press.

McCabe has passed the memos on to Mueller’s team, according to a second source briefed on his decisionmaking.


Homeless Family of 4, Including Two Children, Found Dead in Parked Van CA


Southern California police are investigating after an 8-month-old infant, her 2-year-old sister and their parents were found dead in a parked van that was their home.

Local media report the homeless family was found dead Thursday night in the Los Angeles suburb of Garden Grove of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. Foul play was not suspected.

“The way the car was backed into the parking stall, the rear of the vehicle is right up on the grass so there’s a chance that there wasn’t enough ventilation to get that exhaust vented from the vehicle and that could have led back into the car while they were sleeping,” Garden Grove Police Lt. Carl Whitney told KTLA-TV.


Trump Staffer Assaulted by Democrat American Bridge Staffer


A female staffer serving in the Trump administration was allegedly assaulted on Capitol Hill Thursday by a Democratic operative.

Now she’s sharing her story with The Daily Caller.

Heather Swift, press secretary Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, was leaving a meeting with the House Committee on Natural Resources when she was allegedly assaulted by an American Bridge staffer, who reportedly pushed Swift violently while lunging after her boss.

According to the official, Swift engaged the liberal operative verbally, attempting to protect her boss, but the American Bridge staffer pushed back harder.

Daily Caller

Anti-Gun Chicago Students Trash Walmart During Gun Violence Walkout


Chicago police are trying to identify the dozens of students from Simeon Career Academy who they say took part in a vandalism spree while they were supposed to be protesting guns.

Shoppers and store employees were stunned by the destruction Wednesday morning at the Walmart in Chatham Market on the South Side.

Chicago police say it started when students at neighboring Simeon Career Academy were allowed to leave the school for 17 minutes to take part in the nationwide walkout to protest guns.

Police say between 40 and 60 of those students crossed the street and trashed parts of the store, knocking over product displays, yanking items off shelves, breaking packages and stealing small items like chips and candy.


BBC Rationalizes Arranged Marriages


When Pakistani designer Nashra Balagamwala produced a board game about arranged marriage, most news reports about her wrongly assumed she was dead against it. Actually her position is far more nuanced. And one goal is to explain to people in the UK and elsewhere how it works.

“People in the West often confuse arranged marriages with forced marriages,” Nashra Balagamwala says, on the phone from Islamabad. “They go by a lot of what they see in the press. The acid attacks. The so-called honour killings. The complete absence of choice. My game was not meant to be part of that dialogue.”

Balagamwala’s board game, Arranged!, is far from an advert for arranged marriage. Its central character is a matchmaker “auntie” eagerly trying to chase down three girls while they attempt to outwit her and delay marriage.

Players create distance from the auntie, and impending marriage, by drawing cards with commands like “You were seen at the mall with boys. The auntie moves three spaces away from you.” Other cards that put auntie off include “Your older sister married a white man”, or “The auntie finds out you used tampons before marriage.” (Many in South Asia believe that a tampon is an indication of sexual activity.)


CA Teacher Put on Leave For Questioning Walkouts


California high school history teacher Julianne Benzel was put on paid leave after questioning in front of her students whether school administrations would let a group of students protesting abortion walk out of class in the middle of the school day like they did with students who did so on Wednesday in protests over school shootings.

“I opened up the discussion for if schools … are going to allow one group of students to get up during class and walk out to protest on one issue, would they still give the same courtesy to another group of students who wanted to get up and walk out in protest. And I used the example of abortion,” Rocklin High School teacher Benzel said on Fox News Friday morning.

Benzel said two students and one parent took issue with her comment and complained to the administration who then placed her on leave for two days.

Washington Examiner

Microsoft Faces 238 Complaints of Gender Discrimination


Microsoft has been accused of 238 cases of gender discrimination or sexual harassment by female employees working in US-based technical jobs, according to court filings made available this week. The complaints were made between 2010 and 2016, and include systemically denying pay rises or promotions to women working at the company. The plaintiff’s attorneys are pushing to proceed as a class action lawsuit, but a trial has not yet been scheduled.

Of course, Microsoft denies the claims, deeming just one of the 118 gender discrimination complaints as “founded”. The company says it spends more than $55 million a year to promote diversity and inclusion, and last year waived the requirement for pre-dispute arbitration agreements in sexual harassment claims, which means that in theory, victims may be more comfortable coming forward with complaints.

However, not only would this have had no bearing on the women behind the latest case, but somewhat contradicts the company’s previous stance on making complaints publicly available. Microsoft had argued that the number of women’s human resources complaints should be kept under wraps because publicizing the outcomes could dissuade others from reporting future issues.


Sandy Hook 2.0: “Lawmakers” Vote to Demolish Parkland FL High School


Students will never be returning to Building 12 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School again.

Florida legislators said Thursday they will provide the resources to help the Broward School District tear down Building 12, the site of the massacre that killed 17 students and teachers. They want to build a new classroom space and replace the site of the murders with a memorial to honor the victims and their families.

“This building has to come down,” Sen. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, told the Miami Herald on Friday after visiting the school the day before. He said the horror was palpable.

Miami Herald

Media Still Pissed Social Media Got Trump Elected

Last night Facebook announced bans against Cambridge Analytica, its parent company and several individuals for allegedly sharing and keeping data that they had promised to delete. This data reportedly included information siphoned from hundreds of thousands of Amazon Mechanical Turkers who were paid to use a “personality prediction app” that collected data from them and also anyone they were friends with — about 50 million accounts. That data reportedly turned into information used by the likes of Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon and the Donald Trump campaign for social media messaging and “micro-targeting” individuals based on shared characteristics.
Now, reports by The New York Times and The Guardian reveal what was behind the timing of that Friday night news dump. According to reporters from both outlets, which were collaborating, the social network had downplayed their reporting and even threatened to sue The Guardian, over what they learned from documents and a whistleblower (who Facebook included in its ban list): Christopher Wylie.