Anti-Trump Idiot Billionaire Wants ‘Parties’ to Impeach Trump

Anti-Trump billionaire Tom Steyer is calling on fellow Trump opponents to throw house parties across the country next month to demand his impeachment.

“Thousands are expected to attend the house parties, which will be held from coast to coast in both large cities and small towns across the country,” Steyer-funded group Need to Impeach said in a statement. “Those who would like to host house parties can.”

“Need to Impeach supporters will host house parties in more than 500 communities across the country on Feb, 17, 2018 — the weekend before President’s Day — to further build momentum and demand that members of Congress step up and remove Trump from power.”

The Need to Impeach website currently fails to explain what an impeachment party would look like, or how to locate venues, and when people enter their name and email address under “Sign up here to host a Party to Impeach,” no information is presented other than a message that says “Thank you for adding your name to our petition demanding that Congress impeach Donald Trump.”


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