Sebastian Gorka Clashes With Laura Ingraham Clash Over Syria Strikes


Former White House national security aide Sebastian Gorka said he supports President Donald Trump’s order of a military strike against the Syrian government. His comments came during a heated Fox News panel Friday night.

The U.S. was right to launch a “precision” strike against on Syrian targets because it sends a strong message, Gorka argued.

Why does he believe this?

“To anybody who has doubts, think about this one question,” Gorka said. “What happens when the outside regime uses chemical weapons, as secretary Mattis said, and as he did last year, and I saw the intelligence, and we do nothing? What message does that send to Iran, to Assad, to proxies? Because it sends a clear message as far as I’m concerned, that we got away with it and we can do it again.”

The Blaze

The Guardian – Gorka Was WH Aide While a Fugitive From Hungarian Justice

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