MoviePass Makes Money When Subscribers DON’T See Movies, Now Has Competition it is Suing


By now, almost everyone’s heard of MoviePass, which is a “Netflix for movie theaters.” Over 2 million people are already paying $10 a month for the right to see as many movies as they like (well, one a day) — in theaters.

There are, however, some restrictions. 3D and IMAX movies aren’t included, for example. And you can’t buy your ticket until you get to the theater, which means you may not get a seat if it’s Saturday night and the movie is popular.

But now MoviePass has competition in the U.S., bearing the awful name Sinemia. (Best I can figure out, it’s pronounced “sinna MEEa.”)

This service, which is already popular in the United Kingdom, Turkey, Australia, and Canada, is almost the same idea as MoviePass — in fact, MoviePass is suing Sinemia — with a few key tweaks:

  • MoviePass: currently charges $10 a month, paid annually. Sinemia: currently charges as low as $9 a month (depending on the plan), paid annually. (Both companies fiddle with the pricing all the time.)
  • MoviePass: No 3D or IMAX movies included. Sinemia: All movie formats are included. Including 3D and IMAX.
  • MoviePass: Buy your ticket at the theater. Sinemia: Buy your ticket at home if you want, online, just as you normally would.
  • But here’s the kicker. MoviePass: Allows up to 31 movies a month. Sinemia: Two movies a month.


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