Planned Parenthood Creates Pro-Abortion VR Simulation

Planned Parenthood is using a virtual reality simulation to put users into the perspective of individuals who do get an abortion to foster empathy for them.

“We produced a virtual reality film called ‘Across the Line‘ that gives people the opportunity to step into the shoes of a patient who’s trying to get through a crowd of protestors to get to their appointment,” said Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President and Chief Experience Officer of Planned Parenthood to progressive magazine Fast Company.

“And it’s a really powerful experience, because it turns out, of course, you’ve been threatened with eternal damnation in the lake of fire and called, among the nicest things, a ‘wicked jezebel feminist’ (but many other things), it really does increase your empathy for a person and your willingness to stand up for them to be able to access any care, but especially abortion.”


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