GQ Columnist Jay Willis Claims Kavanaugh Unfit For SCOTUS


Two weeks after the first of several bombshell sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh became public—and just a few hours after his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, delivered several hours of compelling and heart-wrenching testimony before a national TV audience—Kavanaugh took his seat in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and absolutely lost it.

There were two basic alternatives available to him here: He could present as reflective and thoughtful, demonstrating that even under immense professional strain and personal humiliation, he nonetheless understands both the seriousness of the accusations against him and the importance of getting the confirmation process right. Or, he could lash out: angry, combative, defiant, and speaking only in absolutes, denying everything and attacking everyone. He could interrupt senators, laugh sarcastically at questions, and allege the existence of a vast left-wing conspiracy designed to take him down, just for good measure.

Guess which route the man who Donald Trump tapped for the Supreme Court elected to take?


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