Ellen Barkin Says Kavanaugh Crying Reminds Her of Her Own Rapist


Ellen Barkin had a deeply personal connection to Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony on Thursday. It reminded her of the behavior of her own rapist.

The Animal Kingdom actress and self-proclaimed badass isn’t known for holding back, so she didn’t while watching the Supreme Court nominee’s at times fiery and at other times weepy rebuttal to Christine Blasey Ford recounting her allegations of sexual assault. Barkin, 64, posted a series of tweets, many using the hashtag #MeToo, while watching it unfold, including this one — in which she compares Kavanaugh’s tears to the tears of her own attacker — which has gotten some attention.

“I have seen men cry like Kavanaugh, the one who cried at my feet after smashing my face thru a glass coffee table,” wrote Barkin. One commenter — who identified themselves only as USASTRONGAGAIN — called the Sea of Love and Ocean’s Thirteen star a load of names (like “idiot” and “clueless”) and questioned her about the attack. In her reply, Barkin said that during the attack, which took place “43 yrs ago,” making her about 21 years old, she was “repeatedly raped for 5 hours.”


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