South Africa: 1,000 Dogs Poisoned Per Week to Make Homes Easier to Rob


It turns out the “Rainbow Nation” South Africans were promised is not all sunshine and rainbows.

From News 24:

As many as 1 000 dogs are poisoned in South Africa every week. This is according to Dr Gerhard Verdoorn, director at the Griffon Poison Information Centre.

On Wednesday evening, up to 40 dogs were poisoned in Florida, Roodepoort.

“The poison that is used is very potent – around 97% of animals that are poisoned die.”

Verdoorn said poison is usually placed in viennas, Russians or mince and fed to the dogs. Once the dogs are dead, the homes are easy targets for housebreaking or theft.

“The most common poison used is Aldicarb, also known as ‘two-step’. It’s called that because you take two steps and then you die.”

[…] Cora Bailey, director of Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW), who happens to live in Florida, confirmed Wednesday’s mass poisoning to News24.

“This has been going on for years,” Bailey said. “It is a massive problem. This poison is being sold everywhere.”

Information Liberation

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