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Bachelor Creator Mike Fleiss Threatened Pregnant Wife to Get an Abortion


The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss’ estranged wife is accusing him of physically attacking her while pregnant after he “demanded” she get an abortion.

On Tuesday, Laura Fleiss (née Kaeppeler) filed for an emergency domestic violence restraining order, according to her declaration obtained by The Blast. In the document, she claimed that on July 4, “While we were at our house in Kauai, Mike demanded that I get an abortion.”

In a statement to PEOPLE, a spokesperson for Warner Bros., which represents Mike, said, “We are aware of these serious allegations, and are looking into them.”

According to the documents, filed in court by attorneys Samantha Spector and Lisa Meyer, Laura said that she is “approximately 10 weeks pregnant.” She and Mike, 55, already share 4-year-old son Benjamin. He recently filed for divorce.


SATANISM: Hollywood Demands Boycott Of Pro-Life States

Chris Pratt Triggers Leftist Fans For “White Supremacist” Gadsden Tee


Chris Pratt is facing criticism over a T-shirt he was pictured wearing featuring a controversial symbol.

The Marvel star’s top shows the American flag with a coiled snake over the top and a message underneath which reads “Don’t Tread On Me.”

The writing and snake combo on its own is depicted on the Gadsden flag; a symbol created by Christopher Gadsden, a Charleston-born brigadier general in the Continental Army.

It came to prominence during the Revolutionary War of the US by colonists who wanted independence from Great Britain.


Vox Celebrates July 4th by Saying the American Revolution Was a Mistake

Hollywood Expresses its Disgust of Nationalism During July 4th Parade

Stephen King Equated Deporting Illegals to the Holocaust


Stephen King shared a tale about the real-life nightmare currently unfolding around the nation as immigration raids announced by President Donald Trump began.

King has been a persistent critic on Twitter of both the president and his supporters. Earlier this year, when longtime Trump associate Roger Stone was arrested, King asked: “How long before Trump supporters realize that you don’t surround yourself with dirty guys unless you’re dirty yourself?”

He’s also among the many critics who have been blocked by the president on Twitter. Last week, a federal appeals court ruled that Trump had been violating the Constitution by doing so.

“I might’ve said he had his head somewhere where a certain yoga position would be necessary to get it there,” King explained last year. “And that was it, man.”


Washington Post: Lion King “Fascistic,” “White Supremacist”


Well, it was bound to happen. One of the woke writers at The Washington Post found something political to nitpick about Disney’s remake of The Lion King. Rather than let everyone enjoy one of childhood’s great classics, Dan Hassler-Forest tried to burst the bubble, pointing out how it’s a “fascistic story” that “incorporates the white supremacist’s worldview.”

Good grief.

Hassler-Forest claimed that the very fact that there is a lion king, is a problem. It means there is a whole strata of animal subjects under his rule, and that is just not ok. On Wednesday, the world’s biggest Negative Nancy wrote, “But as nostalgic as ‘Circle of Life’ may make us feel, this bombastic scene is also a painful reminder of the film’s ideological agenda: It introduces us to a society where the weak have learned to worship at the feet of the strong.”


Black Actress Ashana Lynch to Take Over as 007 in Upcoming James Bond Film

Lashana Lynch.jpg

There’s a new 007 in town.

Lashana Lynch, who made her blockbuster film debut in Captain Marvel earlier this year, will reportedly be given a license to kill in James Bond‘s latest untiled outing.

According to a report by The Daily Mail UK, Lynch, 31, plays a new agent who takes over Bond’s iconic code name, with Daniel Craig‘s character living in Jamaica as a retiree after the events of 2015’s Spectre. The film allegedly finds Bond coming out of retirement for one final mission, where he goes up against a villain played by recent Oscar winner Rami Malek.

“There is a pivotal scene at the start of the film where M says ‘Come in 007’, and in walks Lashana who is black, beautiful and a woman,” a source told the outlet.


Disney Casts Black Woman as Ariel in Upcoming Live-Action ‘Little Mermaid’

Ben Garrison Disinvited From White House Summit Over Soros Cartoon


Update: Read Garrison’s statement below.

Original story continues below…

The White House has rescinded an invitation to cartoonist Ben Garrison, disinviting him from its upcoming social media summit, Politico reports.

Garrison posted the invite to Twitter last Friday, but according to Politico Playbook, the White House pulled his invitation Wednesday claiming one of his political illustrations was “anti-Semitic.”

The artwork, a commissioned 2017 piece titled “McMaster’s Masters,” features former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and former CIA Director David Petraeus as marionettes, with billionaire globalist George Soros as the puppeteer, and another hand labeled “Rothschilds” controlling Soros.


Over 20,000 Mentally Ill Leftists Attended Pedophile Library Conference


The world’s largest library association’s annual conference this year featured more than 100 workshops with an “equity, diversity, and inclusion” theme, according to the American Library Association’s conference catalog. That included workshops with these titles (some shortened): “Creating Queer-Inclusive Elementary School Library Programming,” “Developing an Online Face for a Lesbian Pulp Fiction Collection,” and “Telling Stories, Expanding Boundaries: Drag Queen Storytimes in Libraries.”

The ALA annual conference’s workshop selections also included “A Child’s Room to Choose: Encouraging Gender Identity and Expression in School and Public Libraries,” and “Are You Going to Tell My Parents?: The Minor’s Right to Privacy in the Library.” Politically charged talks and workshops like these formed at least one-third of the conference offerings, according to the ALA’s own description and a review of the conference catalog.

The titles and descriptions of the conference’s approximately 300 workshops and talks are not available online. They were only published in a conference app and paper catalog reserved to in-person attendees, many of whose attendance was underwritten by taxpayers through local library budgets. According to the ALA, 21,460 people attended 2019’s annual conference this June, approximately 4,000 more than last year.

the Federalist

Women’s Soccer Star Getting Celebrity Treatment For Snubbing WH Invite


Purple haired U.S. women’s soccer team star Megan Rapinoe, who previously refused to sing the national anthem ever again, chided President Trump during an interview.

Asked if she would visit the White House following USA’s World Cup win, Rapinoe said, “I would not go and every teammate that I’ve talked to specifically about it would not go.”


Anti-Trump Yahoo Contributor Dives into “Conspiracies” With New Podcast


WASHINGTON — In the summer of 2016, Russian intelligence agents secretly planted a fake report claiming that Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was gunned down by a squad of assassins working for Hillary Clinton, giving rise to a notorious conspiracy theory that captivated conservative activists and was later promoted from inside President Trump’s White House, a Yahoo News investigation has found.

Russia’s foreign intelligence service, known as the SVR, first circulated a phony “bulletin” — disguised to read as a real intelligence report —about the alleged murder of the former DNC staffer on July 13, 2016, according to the U.S. federal prosecutor who was in charge of the Rich case. That was just three days after Rich, 27, was killed in what police believed was a botched robbery while walking home to his group house in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C., about 30 blocks north of the Capitol.


Clintons Booed at Billy Joel Concert


Bill and Hillary Clinton got a taste of New York’s state of mind on Thursday night.

After singer Billy Joel dedicated a song to the former first couple and flashed them up on the screen at Madison Square Garden, initial cheers turned to boos from the audience.

The former first lady has been under scrutiny for years as she criticized President Trump and attempted to lay out the reasons she thought were behind her loss to him in the 2016 election. Former President Bill Clinton, on the other hand, faced fresh criticism surrounding his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, who on Monday was indicted on sex trafficking charges.

A Clinton spokesperson denied the former president had any knowledge of Epstein’s crimes, noting that he took “a total of four trips” with Epstein in 2002 and 2003.