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Steven Spielberg Warns Against ‘Collective Hate’ Against Islam


In the wake of the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue in October, acclaimed Hollywood director Steven Spielberg believes now, more than ever, is when people must confront the alarming rise in hateful ideologies.

Spielberg’s Academy Award-winning film about the Holocaust, “Schindler’s List,” is returning to select theaters this week in honor of its 25th anniversary. It’s a story that still resonates today, he said in an interview with “NBC Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt airing Wednesday.

“I think there is more at stake today than even back then,” Spielberg said, referring to when the film was released.

“When collective hate organizes and gets industrialized, then genocide follows,” said Spielberg. “We have to take it more seriously today than I think we have had to take it in a generation,” he said during a time of heightened identity politics and the massacre of 11 people at the Tree of Life synagogue in which the suspected shooter left a trail of anti-Semitic posts online.



Egyptian Actress Faces Five Years in Jail For Wearing See-Through Dress


‘I want to repeat my commitment to the values and ethics we have been raised by in Egyptian society,’ said Youssef, without making an outright apology.

Images of Youssef at the event were widely shared on social media, prompting a group of lawyers to file a complaint to the chief prosecutor, who quickly referred the case to trial.

Youssef is due in court on January 12 charged with public obscenity.

Daily Mail

Egyptian Actress Faces Obscenity Charges For Wearing See-Through Dress

Egyptian Actress Hala Shiha Stirrs Controversy by Removing Veil


A draft law to ban the niqab (full-face veil) in public places, which was recently submitted by Egyptian MPs, stirred a heated public debate in the country, and articles for and against it were published in the Egyptian press.

The issue of the Islamic dress code for women periodically comes up for debate in Egyptian society. This also happened several months ago after Egyptian actress Hala Shiha, who has been living in Canada for the last few years, announced that she would return to acting and appeared in the media with her head uncovered. This announcement came 12 years after the actress quit show business to take up a religious lifestyle, as part of which she donned a hijab (which covers a woman’s hair and shoulders but not her face) and occasionally even a niqab. According to reports, she has also shut down a Facebook page on which she used to post religious materials preaching Islam and promoting the veil.


Egyptian Actress Faces Obscenity Charges For Wearing See-Through Dress

BBC Asks “Should We Stop Listening to Christmas Songs?”


In the wake of a decision by a US radio station to ban the Christmas song ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside,’ the BBC has published a report asking whether several more songs should be added to the list to reflect the ‘wokeness’ of 2018.

Star 102 Cleveland decided to ban the song, saying that it was ‘at odds’ with the #MeToo movement, because the lyrics may be interpreted as date rape. The station took the decision despite a poll showing overwhelmingly that people disagreed with the idea.


‘Baby its Cold Outside’ Pulled From Radio After Complaints From Leftist Listeners

Egyptian Actress Faces Obscenity Charges For Wearing See-Through Dress


An Egyptian actress facing trial on public obscenity charges for wearing a revealing dress says she didn’t mean to offend anyone, appealing to her detractors to believe in her good intentions.

In a weekend Facebook post, Rania Youssef said she may have misjudged how people would react to the dress she wore at the closing ceremony of this year’s Cairo International Film Festival, which revealed the entirety of her legs through embroidered gauze.

In choosing that dress, she said, she had referred to fashion designers that may have been influenced by the tastes and standards at international film festivals.

“I want to repeat my commitment to the values and ethics we have been raised by in Egyptian society,” said Youssef, whose statement fell short of an apology.


Hollywood Bimbo Halsey Whines About Victoria’s Secret Not Including Trannies


Halsey called out Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for its “lack of inclusivity” in a lengthy statement Sunday night — at the same time when her performance on the program aired.

In a post on her social media, the singer said there were some comments made prior to the television special that she “simply cannot ignore.” She was likely referring to remarks made by Victoria’s Secret’s parent company L Brands’ chief marketing officer Ed Razek, who said the fashion show should not include transgender models.

“No, I don’t think we should. Well, why not? Because the show is a fantasy. It’s a 42-minute entertainment special. That’s what it is,” Razek said in a Vogue interview last month.

Halsey denounced Razek’s comments but did not directly name him.


Kareem Hunt Admits He Lied to NFL About Assault Woman at Hotel


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Running back Kareem Hunt acknowledged that he misled the Kansas City Chiefs about his role in a February assault in a Cleveland hotel that ultimately led to his release this week.
During a live interview with ESPN on Sunday, the NFL’s reigning rushing champion also said that league officials never spoke to him about the incident while conducting their own investigation, and that he never saw the security camera video until TMZ Sports posted it Friday.
In the course of a few hours, Hunt went from preparing for Sunday’s game in Oakland to being sent home from the practice facility. He was then placed on the NFL’s
Commissioner Exemption List, summoned back to the team facility and told that he was being released .

Anti-Trump Democrat Bruce Springsteen Thinks Trump Will Win in 2020


Bruce Springsteen believes that President Donald Trump will win a second term in the White House.

‘I don’t see anyone out there at the moment… the man who can beat Trump, or the woman who can beat Trump,’ the rocker told The Sunday Times Magazine.

Springsteen, who is a long-standing Democrat himself, said the political party doesn’t ‘have an obvious, effective presidential candidate’ who can ‘speak the same language’ as Trump.

Daily Mail

SNL Cast Sings Christmas Song Hoping For Mueller Indictment, Trump Coup


In what was supposedly a “comedy” act to close out the latest episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, the female cast members got together to sing their rendition of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”.

But the person they had their eye on was Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or, at least a report that would put Trump in jail. Because, according to the SNL cast, “the only other option is a coup. Straight Africa.”


British Film Institute Bans Disfigured Movie Villains


The British Film Institute (BFI) will no longer provide funding for movies featuring villainous characters with disfigured or scarred faces in a move to “remove the stigma around disfigurement.”

BFI’s deputy CEO, Ben Roberts, announced the decision as part of a new “diversity commitment,” through which the organization aims to allocate 7 percent of funding to filmmakers with disabilities, according to the Telegraph.