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Magnitude-8 Quake Strikes North Peru


LIMA, Peru (AP) — A powerful magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck a remote part of the Amazon jungle in Peru early Sunday, collapsing buildings and knocking out power to some areas but causing only one reported death.

The quake struck at 2:41 a.m. and was centered in a vast nature preserve 57 miles (92 kilometers) east of the small town of Yurimaguas. Helping limit damage was the earthquake’s depth, at 70 miles (114 kilometers) below the surface, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Earthquakes that are close to the surface generally cause more destruction.

President Martín Vizcarra called for calm before traveling to the zone with members of his cabinet to survey the damage. He said first reports indicate a bridge had collapsed and several homes and roads had been affected.


Yellow Vest Protests Continue as EU Elections Show Macron Support Collapsed


Yellow Vest protesters marched in the streets of Paris for the 28th straight week against French President Emmanuel Macron’s globalist policies as the EU Parliamentary Elections are underway.

The marches have been mostly peaceful throughout France, but some police used teargas against protesters.

The Yellow Vest movement began in November 2018 over Macron’s plan to hike fuel prices in the name of combating “climate change.”


French Police Caught on Tape Threatening to Shoot Yellow Vests

Wounded Yellow Vest Leader: “Macron Has Declared War on Us”

1984: France Warns Anyone Questioning the Establishment in Response to Protests

Macron Begs Public For ‘Second Chance’ After Letting France Burn

Trump Bypasses Congress to Approve 8 Billion in Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE


Not long after he reportedly agreed to send another 1,500-2,000 troops to the Middle East in yet another show of strength to combat an increasingly belligerent Iran, President Trump steamrolled Congress on Friday to approve $8 billion in arms sales to the UAE and Saudi Arabia and expedite delivery, WSJ reports.

The administration invoked a rarely used provision of American arms control laws to bypass Congress and approve the weapons sales, citing the escalating tensions with Iran as justification. WSJ’s sources said the $8 billion figure encapsulates a package of 22 separate deals.

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British Army: “You Might Be a British Right-Wing Extremist If You…”


The British Army has allegedly distributed a cheat sheet of “indicators & warnings” if one suspects that they (or a friend) might be a member of the “Extreme Right Wing” (XRW).


  • Describe themselves as “Patriots”
  • Add ‘istan’ to British place names
  • Describe multicultural towns as ‘lost’
  • Have tattoos with overt and covert XRW iconography
  • Look at opponents as ‘Traitors’
  • Use the term ‘Islamofascism’ 
  • Discuss the creation of ‘white only’ communities
  • Become increasingly angry at perceived injustices or threats to so called ‘National Identity’
  • Refer to individuals ready to challenge their XRW views as being ‘indoctrinated’ 
  • Make generalisations about Muslims and Jews
  • Claim that immigration is the root of injustices against vulnerable people (e.g. old age pensioners, veterans)


Zero Hedges

British Army Recruitment Poster For “Snowflakes” Backfires

Europeans Strongly Oppose Mass Migration, EU’s Handling of the Crisis


Europeans strongly oppose mass migration to the continent and the EU’s handling of the on-going crisis, according to a new survey with an enormous sample size.

Over 35,000 Europeans from 35 countries polled by the Szazadveg Institute responded to questions about the threat of mass migration to prosperity, safety, and Christian culture, as well as their thoughts on the different approaches taken to the issues by formerly socialist Eastern nations and those in Western Europe.


New Zealand Government-Backed Group Condemns “It’s Okay to be White” Tees


It’s not okay to be white, according to New Zealand’s Human Rights Commission.

The commission, backed by the New Zealand government’s Ministry of Justice, condemned shirt company Trade Me for printing shirts that say “It’s Okay To Be White.”

“Material of this nature is not likely to meet the high threshold set out in section 61 and section 131 of the Human Rights Act,” a Human Rights Commission spokesperson told The New Zealand Herald on Wednesday.

“However, this phrase is known to be associated with white supremacist groups around the world. Despite what the advertisements say, it seems likely that the stickers and t-shirts are intended to convey a message of intolerance, racism and division. There is no place for that in New Zealand.”


New Zealand: Citizens Receive Home Visits From Police For Political Beliefs

New Zealand Gun Confiscation Ends With 1 Fatality, Could Lead to Civil War

New Zealand Recognizes Muslim Call to Prayer as News Anchors Wear Hijabs

African Migrants Storm French Airport Demanding Asylum, Say France is Theirs


An angry mob of illegal migrants from Africa stormed an airport in France on Sunday to demand permanent legal status because “France does not belong to the French” and “everyone has a right to be here.”

From the NY Post:

Video shows hundreds of illegal immigrants storming a French airport and occupying an entire terminal Sunday demanding to meet with the country’s prime minister.

Footage posted on Twitter shows the roughly 500 migrants chanting in Terminal 2 of the Charles de Gaulle airport as about a dozen police officers in tactical gear look on.

“France does not belong to the French! Everyone has a right to be here!” one person can be heard yelling into a loudspeaker.

The protest was organized by the migrant support group “La Chapelle Debout,” which said their members call themselves “Black Vests.”

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EU’s Orwellian Tweet Gets Trolled


The European Commission, the executive arm of the EU, faced backlash online over the weekend after it tweeted out a creepy statement that sounded a lot like something straight out of George Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece 1984.

The creepy message, ending with the command ‘Vote’, is reminiscient of the three slogans of ‘the party’ of Big Brother in 1984: “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.”


Pope Francis Calls For Global Governance to “Fight” Climate Change


Pope Francis recently called for global governance to fight climate change, asserting, “The nation state cannot be considered as an absolute.”

During an address to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, the Pope condemned “growing nationalism that neglects the common good” and called for more globalism.

“The nation state cannot be considered as an absolute, as an island with respect to the surrounding context,” he said, adding, “The nation state is no longer able to procure the common good of its populations alone.”

Pope Francis said that a “special authority legally and concordantly constituted” was necessary to facilitate the implementation of new climate change policies.

He went on to demand that power be transferred from nation states to “intergovernmental institutions that manage their common interests.”


IRONY: Pope Kisses Imam, Calls For “World Peace”

Pope Francis Again Criticizes Nationalism, Openly Favors Globalism

Pope Francis Compares Populists to Hitler

GLOBALISM: Islamic Attacks in Europe Increased by 725%


A new report by CSIS, a national security think tank, has found that Islamic terror attacks in Europe increased by 725 per cent between 2007 and 2017.

This figure, which includes both successful and unsuccessful attacks, once again highlights the fact that Islamic extremism is by far the biggest terror threat to the west.

The numbers also show that 2017 saw the highest number of Islamic terror attacks in modern European history.

“Obviously nothing to do with mass migration,” tweeted Donald Trump Jr. in response to the report.