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Biden Plans to Appoint Obama to Supreme Court if Elected in 2020


Americans who think they’re done with Barack Obama may want to think again if Joe Biden wins in 2020.

The former vice president — and Obama’s top deputy — told The Late Show host Stephen Colbert that he would nominate the former president to the Supreme Court if he wins the presidency next year.

When asked if he’s called Obama for advice, Biden said he’s talked to “Barack” a three or four weeks ago.

“Would you appoint him to the Supreme Court?” Colbert asked flatly.

“Hell yes,” he responded as the audience cheered.

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Head of UN Global Communications Says Illegally Entering the US is a Right


The head of United Nations Global Communications says that it is a “right” for migrants to illegally enter the United States.

Writing on Facebook, Melissa Flemming asserted that, “the right to seek asylum is enshrined in Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights & was made binding by the 1951 Refugee Convention.”

“It is never a crime to seek asylum in another country even if one enters a country irregularly,” she added.


Portland Says it’s Legal For Homeless People to Shit in Public


A post featured on the r/Portland Reddit thread claimed that police said it was legal for the homeless to defecate in public after shocked onlookers saw a man with his butt in the air “depositing a 6-8″ turd onto the sidewalk.”

Yes, really.

Titled ‘Is it really legal to take a dump on the sidewalk?’ – the Reddit user explains in the post how he was on his way to lunch when he noticed a group of people pointing and staring in the same direction.

“There was a homeless person bent at the waist, pants down, ass in the air, depositing a 6-8″ turd onto the sidewalk,” he writes.


Spanish City Pushes Dog Tax


A city in northwestern Spain has proposed a tax on dog owners.

Zamora wants to impose a nine euro tax on dog owners annually in the city where dogs outnumber young children.

“Dog owners should contribute to a certain extent to the [city] expenses,” Zamora’s tax councilor Diego Bernardo told Reuters. “The tax has caused strong citizen reaction.”

“Some don’t agree at all, others just resigned themselves to the fact and some accept it, [yet] not all reactions have been negative.”


BOMBSHELL: Fires Did Not Cause WTC Building 7 Collapse


A new study from university researchers concludes uncontrolled fires did not bring down World Trade Center building 7, as contended in the official story regarding 9/11.

Engineers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks recreated sophisticated computer models of the Salomon Brothers building based on actual blueprints of the building’s construction.

After a four-year research project, they found it was not likely for fires to have compromised the structural integrity of the 47-story tower enough to lead to the collapse at free fall speed, which can be witnessed in video footage of the building’s collapse.

“The principal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST and private engineering firms that studied the collapse,” reads a draft report.


CA Gov Signs Vaccine Bill Limiting Medical Exemptions For Vaccines


California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed a hotly debated vaccine bill on Monday that is expected to significantly tighten vaccine exemptions for children going to school.

Senate Bill 276 requires public health officials to review exemptions at any school found to have an immunization rate of less than 95%. The new law also mandates a public health review of any doctor who grants more than five medical exemptions in a calendar year. The state is now authorized to revoke any exemptions it deems fraudulent or medically inaccurate.

Newsom also signed SB 714, which included revisions to the original bill that the governor requested last week. The changes allow for a delay in the state review of some medical exemptions as well as incorporate Newsom’s proposal that all existing medical exemptions are grandfathered in by Jan. 1, according to the Los Angeles Times.


OUTRAGE: CA Court Threw Out Sole Conviction Against Kate Steinle Murderer

CA Business Forced to Close Due to State’s Drug, Homeless Crisis

Trump, Republicans Sue CA Over Tax Return Law

OUTRAGE: CA Passes Bill Taking President Trump Off 2020 Ballot!

California to Offer Illegals Free Healthcare By Fining Residents

Head of Sanctuary State CA Pardons Felons Facing Deportation

The Four Globalist Families That Literally Control California (Video)

Dems Craft Their Own Utopia Using Veto-Proof Majority

British Globalists Continue Sabotaging Brexit With Bill to Block ‘No Deal’ Brexit


The jaw-dropping elitism expressed by British members of parliament continued today as globalists in the Conservative Party joined with globalists in the Labour Party and passed a bill in the UK House of Commons to block no-deal Brexit.  Their goal is to handcuff Prime Minister Boris Johnson from leaving the EU on October 31st.  [Backstory Here]

The multinational banks and financial elite have poured money toward the anti-Brexit politicians (both parties) and deployed all media efforts in an attempt to stop the U.K from leaving the European Union despite the majority of British who voted to leave in 2016.

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US Govt Wasting Billions of Taxpayer Dollars on Stupid Shit


Senator Rand Paul is waging battle against waste. In his latest ‘waste report’, the Senator reveals how the government is adding to the $22 trillion national debt by subsidizing all manner of pointless activities, including $48 billion in improper Medicare and Medicaid payments.

All in all, Senator Paul totaled up $50 BILLION in wasted dollars, and he could have found a lot more had he scratched beneath the surface.

Some of the more bizarre things the government is wasting money on include the State Department spending $100,000 in subsidies for the Pakistani film industry.

The money will reportedly go to teach ‘aspiring filmmakers’ how to write screenplays, with a particular focus on themes of “strength in diversity” and “women’s empowerment”.

Why does this help America? No one really knows. Best guess is that its some sort of odd virtue signal on a grand scale. ‘Look at America helping these poor brown people make better films’.


‘Will & Grace’ Stars Demand Blacklisting Trump Supporters


In the corridor of Hollywood, blacklist again conservatives, “Will & Grace” star Eric McCormack said he refuses to work with Trump supporters, which should come an as big shock to everyone.

According to International reporters, the star’s Eric tweet received a fair deal of criticism and that’s the reason behind his shocking decision. In other words “Will &Grace” star’s Eric McCormack and his Co-star Debra messing were widely criticized after calling for Trump donors in Hollywood to be outed.

Although, McCormack responded to a report about an upcoming fundraiser being held in Beverly Hills in honor of President Trump’s. As well as, Beverly hills event is scheduled for the week of the Emmy Awards. Sources say Eric is calling for the blacklisting of those in Hollywood who attend an upcoming fundraiser for President Trump’s.

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Kirstie Alley Slams Anti-Trump Hollywood

Hollywood Expresses its Disgust of Nationalism During July 4th Parade

SATANISM: Hollywood Demands Boycott Of Pro-Life States

Hollywood Meddles in German Mayoral Election in Effort to Defeat AFD Candidate

Bette Midler ‘Jokes’ About Wanting Someone to Stab President Trump

Hollywood Threatens Country With Violence Once Left “Wins”

Hollywood Wants “Mandatory Vasectomies” to “Save Lives”

Hollywood’s Met Gala Highlights Elitist Decadence, Societal Degradation

Turkey Threatens to Flood Europe With Migrants


Turkey is threatening to “open the gates” to Europe, potentially unleashing a torrent of migrants who have been kept inside its borders in exchange for massive payoffs.

President Tayyip Erdogan has called upon Western nations to fund the repatriation of one million Syrian refugees he plans resettle in a “safe zone” in their home country, Reuters reports.

“Our goal is for at least one million of our Syrian brothers to return to the safe zone we will form along our 450 km border,” Erdogan said during a speech in Ankara on Thursday. “Give us logistical support and we can go build housing at 30 km (20 miles) depth in northern Syria. This way, we can provide them with humanitarian living conditions.”