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Germany Moves on Total Plastic Bag Ban, Impose Hefty Fines on ‘Violators’


The use of plastic bags is on the decline in Germany, but the 64% decrease since 2015 doesn’t go far enough for Environment Minister Svenja Schulze.

Her department has drafted a bill to ban them completely.

The German Environment Ministry has drafted a bill which would ban single-use plastic bags.

Environment Minister Svenja Schulze announced on Friday that she plans for the bill to become law in 2020. “I believe that we have the support of the people of Germany,” she said. “The time is right for a plastic bag ban.”

The Social Democrat politician says that businesses who violate the new regulation could face a fine of €100,000 ($110,000).


Merkel Sits For German National Anthem During China Visit


German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is on a visit to China, and Li Keqiang, Prime Minister of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, stayed seated during the German national anthem at the official welcoming ceremony on Friday.

The official welcome ceremony was held, in accordance with tradition, in the very centre of Beijing – in the square in front of the House of National Assemblies amid almost-30-degree (Celsius) heat. Angela Merkel arrived at the ceremony in a motorcade of famous Hongqi cars, made for the highest-ranking Chinese officials; at the square she was met by Li Keqiang.

The journalists paid special attention to the state of health of the Chancellor, but judging by her appearance it was clear that in Beijing she was doing well.

The heads of government of the two countries traditionally greeted the German and Chinese delegations, after which they briskly walked around the red carpet paths of the guard of honour and a military band.


Merkel Seen Trembling Uncontrollably on Camera For a Third Time (Videos)

German Official Claims Angela Merkel’s Trembling is Psychologically-Driven

African Asylum Seeker Smashes Dozens of Cars at German Train Station


An ‘asylum seeker’ from Gambia vandalized over 20 vehicles parked at a train station in Lauffen, Germany, inflicting more than 50,000 euros in damage, police say.

Dozens of cars were smashed with an iron bar by the suspect, who had explicitly signaled his intentions to police the day before, according to fellow migrants housed at his asylum facility.

“The young man had apparently begun on Sunday to riot in the asylum shelter. He is said to have cut cables, destroyed phones and bicycles. With a screwdriver he poked holes in the bicycle tires,” Stimme reports.

“The refugees at the property said Monday evening that the 21-year-old had shouted to the police on Sunday that he would continue rioting and tomorrow – Monday – he would destroy cars. The police left when the situation had calmed down, instructing the other refugees that they should contact them if there were problems again.”


Climate Activist Greta Thunberg’s Yacht Trip to America is Not Eco-Friendly

useful idiot

Climate activist Greta Thunberg’s virtue signalling trip on a $4 million dollar yacht to lecture Americans about climate change will be more harmful to the environment than if she had flown via aircraft.

Thunberg and her team set sail on the Malizia II for a voyage that will take 2 weeks to reach New York.

The mode of transport was deliberately chosen so Thunberg could relentlessly virtue signal about the evils of air travel.


Germans Display “Fuck You, Greta!” Anti-Global Warming Bumper Stickers

Germany, Sweden Consider ‘Meat Tax’ to “Fight” Climate Change


Officials in Sweden and Germany are discussing imposing a tax on consumable meat to combat ‘climate change’ following a new IPCC report encouraging a plant-based diet, according to local media.

Politicians claim they hope to reduce CO2 emissions and improve animal welfare with a forced reduction in meat consumption.

“German politicians are speaking out in favor of raising the VAT on meat in a bid to improve animal welfare and cut CO2 emissions,” the Local Germany reports.

“The decision makers want to raise the tax to the standard VAT, or 19 percent, up from the current seven percent that consumers are required to pay for meat products.”

Sweden may be looking to Germany as inspiration for their own similar ideas.


Migrants Torch Asylum Building After Rejection


Two migrants have been charged for setting fire to a refugee shelter after being rejected for asylum, German media reports.

The Albanian duo, aged 19 and 24, filmed themselves starting the fire in their room, according to a newly-released Facebook video German media outlets are calling “authentic.”

“No asylum, young Albanians set fire to camp in Germany,” reads the title. “Albanians do this in asylum if their application is rejected and negated.”


Politician Tells Germans to “Follow the Rules” to Avoid Being Pushed Onto Tracks


A German politician has recommended train riders ‘follow the rules’ and obey caution signs and markings in order to avoid being pushed into the path of incoming trains amid multiple such incidents.

Valerie Wilms, a representative of the Green party in the Bundestag until 2017, posted a statement she issued to Bild newspaper in response to the suspected killing of a young boy by an African migrant at Frankfurt main station last week.

“As in road traffic, the necessary care must be taken when using railway facilities. This also includes not entering the track area,” Wilms said. “This usually works, because we learned from an early age how to deal with the dangers of traffic.”


Germany Ignores Homeless Citizens, Accepts Thousands of Migrant “Refugees”


Germany has issued nearly 9,000 residence permits to foreign family members of ‘refugees’ in the past year, while a new report indicates homelessness has recently increased by as much as 20 percent.

The contrasting priorities of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration, which seem to favor third world migrants over German citizens, can be examined in articles published almost simultaneously by state media outlet Deutsche Welle (DW).

“Nearly 9,000 relatives of people with asylum status in Germany have moved to the country since changes to family reunification laws last year,” DW reported.


Globalism-Compliant Germany Introduces ID Checks For Public Pools

Globalism-Compliant Germany Introduces ID Checks For Public Pools


A swimming pool in the German city of Düsseldorf has been forced to introduce mandatory ID card checks in an effort to stop sexual assaults and rowdy behavior by migrant youths that has required the police to be called out on numerous occasions.

Following a crisis summit between administrators, the mayor and the police chief, an online ticket system linked to people’s IDs has been established to control who is allowed to enter the pool.

“In Rheinbad we have introduced an identity card for all visitors,” said Düsseldorf Mayor Thomas Geisel. “Those who do not comply, will not be let in. It is absolutely unacceptable and inconceivable that families who want to spend their free time here are harassed by youth gangs.”

As we reported earlier this month, the pool had to be closed twice after hundreds of male migrants harassed a family, prompting a huge police deployment.

Last Friday, the pool had to be cleared again as around 60 North African migrants began engaging in aggressive beahvior. Outnumbered, the six security guards on patrol had to call police for backup. 20 officers arrived and the pool was closed.


Father Defends Family Against Mob of 400 African Migrant Youths at German Pool

German Feminist Mag Exposes Crisis of Migrant Attacks at Swimming Pools


A staunchly feminist magazine in Germany has defied the rules of mainstream journalism, penning a scathingly frank exposé on the destruction of European swimming culture by migrants.

Emma, a publication modeled on Ms. Magazine, has honed in on an explosive issue affecting much of Western Europe – sexual assaults and physical attacks by primarily Middle Eastern and African young males at once peaceful, family-friendly summer recreation spots – and also blasted those who refuse to properly identify the perpetrators.

“Harassed, insulted, grabbed: Women become fair game in outdoor swimming pools. The perpetrators? The vast majority are migrants,” writes Annika Ross. “Swimming pool attendants complain: It has intensified since 2015.”