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CA, Alabama Avoid Antitrust Investigation into Google Corruption


Only two state attorneys general aren’t taking part in the multi-state antitrust investigation of Google and one of them just happens to be the head of law enforcement in the company’s home state.

Xavier Becerra and Steve Marshall, the attorneys general of California and Alabama, respectively, are the only two holdouts in the joint state investigation of the two tech companies. It’s unclear why neither is taking part in the investigation, and neither offered much of an explanation.

“California remains deeply concerned and committed to fighting anticompetitive behavior,” a representative of the California Attorney General’s Office said in an emailed statement. “Regarding this investigation or any other, to protect the integrity of potential and ongoing investigations, we cannot provide comment.”

Business Insider

CA AG Threatens to Sue President Trump if He Uses National Emergency For Wall

CA AG Threatens Employers Who Violate its Sanctuary Laws

CA Sues Trump Over DACA Phase Out, Forgets DACA Was Illegal Anyway

Youtube Purged Over 100k Videos, 17k Channels, 500M Comments For “Hate Speech”


Our ruling oligarchs are desperate to regain control of the narrative.

Google-owned YouTube announced on Tuesday that they’ve purged over 17,000 channels, 100,000 videos and a whopping 500 million comments in just three months after changing their rules on “hate speech.”

They also said they’re using AI to censor people for “hate speech” and automatically remove content before it’s even viewed.

Information Liberation

Leftists Calls For Slowly Banning Right-Wingers From Social Media

Youtube CEO Says it’s an Open Platform One Day After Massive Banning Spree

Leftists Cry Censorship After Youtube Demonetizing Frenzy Hits SPLC Content


This is What Social Media is Doing to Us


Scientific study after scientific study is showing that too much time on social media can be extremely harmful both mentally and physically.

But even though most of us know this, very few of us actually alter our behavior in a meaningful way.  When Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other major social media platforms first emerged, we welcomed them with open arms.  They were a lot of fun and they allowed us to interact with family, friends and society as a whole in ways that we had never been able to do before.  But they were also extremely addictive, and they rapidly became transformed into dumping grounds for just about everything toxic, negative and malevolent that you can possibly imagine.  Today, many of us spend far more time on social media than we do with real people, and as you will see below, that has enormous implications for our future.

A growing body of scientific research clearly indicates that spending too much time on social media can be very bad for us.  For example, just consider what a long-term study that was conducted by Gallup over a period of two years ultimately concluded

End of the American Dream

Regularly Using Social Media Causes Stressed, Fuels Addiction

Social Media Designed to Depress, Isolate Population

Google Exec at the Center of #MeToo Scandal is the Highest Paid at the Firm


David Drummond, the top Google lawyer at the centre of explosive claims of a sexist workplace culture, is one of the best paid executives at the firm.

Public filings show that Drummond, who has worked for Google and its parent firm Alphabet since 2002, is in the upper echelons, receiving $47 million in compensation. His salary was $650,00, and the remaining $46.6 million came in the form of equity.

This is a huge jump up from the previous two years, when Drummond’s salary represented the majority of his compensation. The New York Times reported that Drummond has earned roughly $190 million in the form of stock options and awards since 2011.

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Justice Dept Opposes Google’s Undersea Cable From China


The Justice Department is opposing a bid by Google, Facebook Inc. and a Chinese entity to complete an undersea internet cable between the U.S. and Hong Kong, raising national security concerns for the project that runs out of temporary authority next month.

The high capacity fiber-optic cable running about 8,000 miles (13,000 kilometers) is intended to connect U.S. internet users to Asia and increase competition on the trans-Pacific data route, according to filings at the Federal Communications Commission, where the companies in 2017 applied for permission to land the cable in the U.S.

The project remains pending as tensions simmer between the U.S. and China, with an ongoing trade dispute featuring tariffs on billions of dollars in goods and chaotic pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.


Leaks Reveal Google Protest Guide Contains Only Far-Left Slogans


A Google “how-to guide” on protesting contains only far-left chants and signs, according to the Project Veritas data leak.

The findings reveal significant leftist bias within Google’s corporate environment as not a single protest example leans right of center.


Google Broke its Own Search Engine to Censor Conservatives

Whistleblower: Google Wants to Overthrow US Via Election Tampering

Monsanto Paid Google to Bury Unfavorable News

Google Blacklists Free Speech Platform Gab’s Latest App

Google Exec: Infowars, Alex Jones Will Soon be Unsearchable on Youtube

Peter Thiel: “Woke” Google Employees Prefer Communist China to America

1,000 Google Employees Signed Petition to Target Breitbart as ‘Prohibited Content’

Google Broke its Own Search Engine to Censor Conservatives


Google has broken its own search engine to algorithmically censor conservatives.

As the video below illustrates, when you search for “paul joseph watson youtube channel” on Google, my YouTube channel doesn’t even appear on the first page of results. Nor do any of my videos.

My channel doesn’t even appear on the first 15 pages of search results. I didn’t check beyond that, but it’s totally buried.


Whistleblower: Google Wants to Overthrow US Via Election Tampering

Whistleblower: Google Wants to Overthrow US Via Election Tampering


A Google insider who anonymously leaked internal documents to Project Veritas made the decision to go public in an on-the-record video interview. The insider, Zachary Vorhies, decided to go public after receiving a letter from Google, and after he says Google allegedly called the police to perform a “wellness check” on him.

The internal Google documents are available here.

Along with the interview, Vorhies asked Project Veritas to publish more of the internal Google documents he had previously leaked. Said Vorhies:

“I gave the documents to Project Veritas, I had been collecting the documents for over a year. And the reason why I collected these documents was because I saw something dark and nefarious going on with the company and I realized that there were going to not only tamper with the elections, but use that tampering with the elections to essentially overthrow the United States.”

Project Veritas

Monsanto Paid Google to Bury Unfavorable News


Monsanto, the agrochemical company that’s attained notoriety for its agricultural pesticides and genetically modified organisms, reportedly worked overtime to discredit investigative journalists criticizing the company — and even paid the search giant Google to suppress the findings.

Carey Gillam, a journalist with Reuters, was reporting on the health effects of Monsanto’s products a few years back. As part of a massive damage-control campaign, the company worked to discredit her work as much as possible, according to an investigation by The Guardian. Perhaps most troubling: the company reportedly paid Google to promote search results that questioned Gillam’s findings — a disturbing look into how readily the flow of online information can be manipulated.


Google Blacklists Free Speech Platform Gab’s Latest App


Tech giant Google has blacklisted the free-speech focused social media app Gab from the Google Play Store, joining Apple in banning Gab users from accessing the platform using Gab-branded smartphone apps.

Silicon Valley tech giant Google has reportedly banned the free-speech focused social media platform Gab from the Google Play Store.

According to a screenshot posted by Gab to Twitter, Google banned the app from the store for “Violation of User Generated Content (UGC) Policy.” Essentially, it appears that Gabs refusal to censor users’ content is what resulted in the app being removed from the store.