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Children at Philadelphia Muslim Society Say They Will “Chop Off Heads” For Allah


Footage has surfaced of Muslim children at an Islamic center in Philadelphia saying that they would sacrifice themselves, “chop off heads” and even kill for the “army of Allah”.

The Muslim American Society (MAS) Islamic center in Philadelphia posted the video to its Facebook page in celebration of “Ummah Day”. Young children are seen in the video wearing Palestinian scarves and reading poetry about killing for Allah.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) told Fox News: 

“These are not isolated incidents; they are happening in major centers of the country – including in Pennsylvania.”

Zero Hedge

Germany: Muslim Migrants Blame Women For Getting Raped Over Their Clothes


A series of street interviews with Muslims in Germany shows every single one of them asserting that it’s “absolutely” and “100 per cent” a woman’s fault if she is raped while wearing a short skirt.

Asked by the interviewer, “Are scantily dressed women to blame if they are raped?” every single respondent in the clip says yes.

“Yes, sure. It’s her own fault. It is her fault if she gets raped by strangers,” responds one middle aged man.

“Yes, clearly. Absolutely. 100%,” responds another younger man.


French Imam Shames Muslims Donating Money to Rebuilding Notre Dame


An Imam in France told Muslims not to donate to the rebuilding of Notre Dame, asking those who do, “you have no shame?”

During the lecture, the Imam asserted that only Christians should donate to the cause, “Because it’s the symbol of their religion, and not the symbol of Muslims.”

He went on to complain that his words would be twisted but openly discouraged Muslims from donating to the rebuild anyway.


Muslim Academic Miriam Al-Sohel Calls Homosexuality an “Anal Virus”


Kuwaiti academic Dr. Mariam Al-Sohel claims to have invented anal suppositories that “cure” homosexuality” by exterminating an “anal worm” that feeds on semen.

Yes, really.

In a clip taken from Kuwaiti television and translated by MEMRI-TV, Al-Sohel claims that her product ‘cures sexual urges’ of gay men and “butch lesbians”.

According to Al-Sohel, homosexual urges develop when a person is sexually attacked “because there is an anal worm that feeds on semen”.


Swedish Artist’s Jail Term Extended For Saying Muslim Migrants Have Not Integrated


A Swedish artist’s jail term was extended after he committed the “hate crime” of saying that Muslim migrants do not integrate and that rape culture is a massive problem in Middle Eastern cultures.

Street artist and provocateur Dan Park was originally jailed for three months after he tweeted that, “Rape culture is fundamental and OK among MENA [Middle East and North African] people”.

Park was also imprisoned for “race hatred” because he referred to Muslim migrants as “blattar”.

According to Wiktionary, ‘blattar’ means, “A person living in a Northern European country who is typically of Middle Eastern or North African descent. A wannabe gangster or immigrant who is not well integrated.”

An appeals court in Malmo ruled against the previous district court ruling, which found him innocent of two of the seven charges, increasing Park’s prison sentence from three to four months.


Slate Blamed White Aussies For Mosque Attack, ‘Not Sure’ if ISIS Responsible For Sri Lanka Attack


Left-wing website Slate, which said “all white Australians” were implicated in the New Zealand mosque massacre, isn’t sure whether to blame ISIS for the Sri Lanka terror attacks.

Following the massacre in New Zealand, carried out by an Australian white supremacist, Slate ran with the hysterical headline ‘The Christchurch Shootings Should Implicate All White Australians’.

Which is just as absurd as saying that all Muslims are to blame for Islamic terrorism, but apparently, so long as white people are being targeted, it’s OK to collectively demonize an entire group of people.

Following the Sri Lanka terror attacks, which targeted Catholic churches and were carried out by extremist Muslims, Slate ran with the somewhat more cautious headline ‘ISIS Claims Responsibility For Sri Lanka Attacks, Should We Believe Them?’


BBC Worried About Muslims Following Islamic Terror Attacks in Sri Lanka


Following attacks by Islamic terrorists that killed hundreds of people in Sri Lanka, BBC News expressed concern for “nervous and afraid” Muslims.

BBC News’ live coverage of the aftermath of the bombings, which primarily targeted Catholic Christians, made a point of highlighting how “Sri Lankan Muslims are left nervous and afraid.”

This would be as absurd as worrying about the safety of white people following the Christchurch mosque massacre.

As we highlighted yesterday, instead of focusing on the perpetrators, some media outlets chose to make the issue about the reaction of the ‘far-right’.


Media ‘Worries’ About ‘Right-Wing Anger’ Against Muslims Following Islamic Terror Attack in Sri Lanka


Following the slaughter of nearly 300 people, many of them Christians, by Islamic terrorists in Sri Lanka, the mainstream media is worried about ‘right-wing anger’ and “violence against Muslims”.

Yes, really.

The Washington Post published a story entitled Christianity under attack? Sri Lanka church bombings stoke far-right anger in the West.

The article downplays the notion of Christianity being under attack as merely a “theme” for right-wing activists.


Sri Lanka Suicide Bomber: “Anyone Who Disagrees With Muslims Should be Killed”


One of the alleged suicide bombers responsible for the terror in Sri Lanka previously made a video in which he stated “anyone who disagrees with Muslims should be killed.”

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi posted a video of Islamic extremist Zahran Hashim uttering the statement, which was made in front of a backdrop showing a knife and blood.

“We spend hours exposing extremists every day. This video & its background went unnoticed due to language barriers. If he was exposed & brought to the attention of the authorities, he could’ve been stopped,” tweeted Tawhidi, who in a separate tweet criticized YouTube for hosting Hashim’s radical content.


French Student Leader: “I Swear to Allah We Don’t Give a Rats Ass About Notre Dame”


The Vice-President of the French student union at the University of Lille reacted to the Notre Dame fire by tweeting, “I swear to Allah we don’t give a rat’s ass.”

“How much are people going to cry for some bits of wood? I swear to Allah you like French identity too much while we don’t give a rat’s ass objectively it’s your madness of little white people,” tweeted Hafsa Askar.

She wasn’t finished, following up with another tweet that made it clear how much she hates the country in which she lives.

“I don’t give a damn about Notre Dame of Paris because I don’t give a damn about the history of France I don’t know what, go and mention me,” said Askar.


Arabs Laugh as Notre Dame Cathedral Burns