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Five Men Jailed For a Total of 63 Years For Abusing Young Girls in Rotherham


Five men have been sentenced to a total of 63 years for sexually abusing scores of young girls in Rotherham.

Aftab Hussain, 40, was sentenced to 24 years in prison, and Abid Saddiq, 38, to 20 years by the judge at Sheffield Crown Court, who described Saddiq as a “cunning and determined sexual predator”.

Masaued Malik, 35, was jailed for five years; Sharaz Hussain, 35, for four years; and one man who cannot be named for legal reasons was jailed for 10 years.

Malik was told that his sentence will follow on from a 15-year term he is already serving for similar offences.

The men were convicted of a number of child sexual abuse offences, including rape and sexual assault, as part of an investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

Yahoo UK

Former Miss Iraq: lhan Omar is Trying to Push Sharia Law For US


TEL AVIV – A former Miss Iraq who was forced to flee her native country after posting a selfie of herself and Miss Israel has lambasted Rep. Ilhan Omar for trying to push Sharia law on the U.S. and says that the congresswoman does not represent her as a Muslim.

“Ilhan Omar does not represent me as a Muslim — does not represent millions of Muslims in the Middle East,” Sarah Idan, who lives in the U.S., told “The Sara Carter Show.” 

“You know like in Arab countries we call her the Muslim Brotherhood,” she added.


INDIA: Police Arrest 16 Muslims, Foil Jihad Attacks


Police in India have foiled a plot to “establish Islamic rule” in India. 16 suspects were arrested and taken into custody; they were plotting a jihad attack in the country. They were reported to adhere to the “ideologies of Al Qaeda, Islamic State and Students Islamic Movement of India.”

In a statement by the National Investigation Agency:

Accused persons have been actively recruiting individuals to strike terror in India and have also been routinely posting videos and other jihadi propaganda material exhorting their supporters to conduct terrorist attacks using various methods including the use of explosives, poison, knives and vehicles, as means of attack.

Jihad Watch

French Judge Spares Muslim Who Killed Jewish Neighbor Because He Was “High”


A French judge has ruled that a Muslim man who shouted “Allahu Akbar” while murdering a Jewish woman in an anti-Semitic attack should not be held criminally responsible because he had smoked marijuana before the attack.

65-year-old Dr Sarah Attal-Halimi was brutally beaten and thrown out of a window by 27-year-old Kobili Traoré, an African migrant from Mali, on the 4th of April 2017 in the Belleville district of Paris.

According to reports, Traoré, a drug dealer and a drug addict, shouted “shut your mouth”, “Allahu Akbar,” and “I killed the Shaitan” (the demon, or Satan, in Arabic) during the vicious assault. He claimed insanity and was held in a psychiatric hospital.


Londoners Flee Capital in Record Numbers Due to Crime, Cost of Living


New figures show that record numbers of Londoners are fleeing the capital as a result of soaring violent crime rates and the high cost of living.

Stats released by the Office for National Statistics show that in the year to June, 340,498 Londoners left the city while just 237,270 migrated inwards from the rest of the country – a net loss of 103,228.

336,000 Londoners already left in 2017, a figure significantly higher than the 255,140 who left in 2012.

However, London’s population is still increasing thanks to immigration from abroad.


Sadiq Khan: Trump Not a Globalist, Isn’t Welcome to London

Sadiq Khan’s Bloody London: Five Stabbings in 24 Hours

Crime Wave in Sadiq Khan’s London Thriving, Police Make No Arrests

Sadiq Khan Wants Cars, Not Terrorists, Banned After London Terror Attack

Ten Migrants on Trial For Gang Rape of German Girl “Unrepentant”


Trial has begun for 11 suspects in the alleged gang rape of a German girl last year, with some of the defendants described as indifferent and even belligerent in the court room.

A total of 11 men have been accused of participating in the rape of an 18-year-old girl in the bushes outside a nightclub in Freiburg on October 13, 2018, with 10 of them hailing from Syria, Iraq, and Algeria, and one more from Germany.

One of the defendants reportedly shouted, “Whoever photographs me will go to hell!” while raising his middle finger to court room observers.


Children at Philadelphia Muslim Society Say They Will “Chop Off Heads” For Allah


Footage has surfaced of Muslim children at an Islamic center in Philadelphia saying that they would sacrifice themselves, “chop off heads” and even kill for the “army of Allah”.

The Muslim American Society (MAS) Islamic center in Philadelphia posted the video to its Facebook page in celebration of “Ummah Day”. Young children are seen in the video wearing Palestinian scarves and reading poetry about killing for Allah.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) told Fox News: 

“These are not isolated incidents; they are happening in major centers of the country – including in Pennsylvania.”

Zero Hedge

Germany: Muslim Migrants Blame Women For Getting Raped Over Their Clothes


A series of street interviews with Muslims in Germany shows every single one of them asserting that it’s “absolutely” and “100 per cent” a woman’s fault if she is raped while wearing a short skirt.

Asked by the interviewer, “Are scantily dressed women to blame if they are raped?” every single respondent in the clip says yes.

“Yes, sure. It’s her own fault. It is her fault if she gets raped by strangers,” responds one middle aged man.

“Yes, clearly. Absolutely. 100%,” responds another younger man.


French Imam Shames Muslims Donating Money to Rebuilding Notre Dame


An Imam in France told Muslims not to donate to the rebuilding of Notre Dame, asking those who do, “you have no shame?”

During the lecture, the Imam asserted that only Christians should donate to the cause, “Because it’s the symbol of their religion, and not the symbol of Muslims.”

He went on to complain that his words would be twisted but openly discouraged Muslims from donating to the rebuild anyway.


Muslim Academic Miriam Al-Sohel Calls Homosexuality an “Anal Virus”


Kuwaiti academic Dr. Mariam Al-Sohel claims to have invented anal suppositories that “cure” homosexuality” by exterminating an “anal worm” that feeds on semen.

Yes, really.

In a clip taken from Kuwaiti television and translated by MEMRI-TV, Al-Sohel claims that her product ‘cures sexual urges’ of gay men and “butch lesbians”.

According to Al-Sohel, homosexual urges develop when a person is sexually attacked “because there is an anal worm that feeds on semen”.