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Law & Order: SVU Smears Covington Students With ‘Ilhan Omar’ Character


NBC crime procedural Law & Order: Special Victims Unit featured a “ripped from the headlines” theme in its latest episode, which smeared the Covington Catholic kids by pitting them against an Ilhan Omar-styled character who is portrayed as a hero.

The plot centered on a poor, put-upon Islamic city politician being confronted by a red ballcap-wearing crowd of young men who scream at her and taunt her. But the episode also throws in a big dollop of male oppression and lesbianism for good measure, Newsbusters reported.

The Law & Order: SVU  episode entitled, “Assumptions,” opens with a pair of teenaged boys running away from a vandalized mosque in which we soon see that Muslim Councilwoman Nahla Nasar (Nazneen Contractor) has been raped.


Brian Williams Adamant That Mueller Report ‘Proves’ Russian Collusion


In another display of dishonesty, NBC host Brian Williams interrupted coverage of Attorney General William Barr’s congressional testimony to push back against Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) claim that Special Counsel Robert Mueller found “no collusion.”

“We’re reluctant to do this, we rarely do, but the chairman of the judiciary Committee just said that Mueller found there was no collusion,” Williams said Tuesday. “That is not correct. Nicole Wallace, the report says collusion is not a thing they considered. It doesn’t exist in federal code.”

Wallace then launched into a tirade against Barr, saying that he “mischaracterized” the Mueller report and served as President Trump’s “human shield.”


Liberal Journalist Claims NBC Editor Made Him Delay Story on Behalf of DNC


A left-leaning news editor claims he was bullied to hold off on publishing a story, regarding the upcoming Democrat debates, by MSNBC’s politics editor working “on behalf of the DNC.”

In a lengthy thread published on Twitter Friday, New York Magazine and Huffington Post contributor Yashar Ali called out Dafna Linzer, NBC News & MSNBC politics managing editor, over a threatening phone call in which she insisted he not publish a story in order to give the DNC more time to prepare.

Ali says Linzer called after he had phoned the DNC to fact check the story before publishing it in his personal newsletter. During the call the DNC also requested he delay the story for about an hour, to which he refused because the news could leak during that time leaving him without a scoop.


NBC Promotes Underage Drag Kid Special


In the latest instance of pedophilia normalization, NBC released a fluff piece covering underage children crossdressing and exploring the LGBTQ community.

Desmond Is Amazing, the establishment’s 11-year-old poster child for pedophilia normalization, discusses his life as a “drag kid” living in New York City, and his relationship with the LGBTQ community.

“I’ve been doing drag since I was 2 years old,” Desmond told NBC.

Crossdressing icon RuPaul also praised Desmond as “the future of America.”

Desmond’s mother Wendy Napoles described curating his social media so that “haters” are blocked so Desmond can “interact with his fans.”


Pedophile Establishment Struggles to Normalize Child Marriages in US

11 YO Performs in Drag at Gay NYC Club While Patrons Threw Money at Him

Watch Drag Queen Admit He’s Grooming Children at Story Hour Events (Video)

City of Boulder Criticized For Hosting ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ For Children

‘Drag Tots’ Cartoon Sparks Outrage

GQ Slams MAGA Teen Interview Because He Didn’t Apologize For Smiling


It took less than five days to fully launder the story of a group of high school students jeering at a Native American protester, and to turn them into the victims of the story. Naturally, they had help from Fox News, where two students were invited on so they could explain away, you know, blackface. Meanwhile, the opinion section of The New York Times also covered for them, declaring that Twitter makes it impossible to know what happened, despite hours of video evidence to the contrary. And the Native American man in question, Nathan Phillips, is well on his way to being painted as the bad guy.

But it’s not just the usual bad faith or overly hand-wringing suspects. The family of the teen in the original viral clip, Nick Sandmann, quickly hired a PR firm and issued a statement claiming that he was clearly trying to de-escalate a tense situation, and now prominent media outlets are running with that.


NBC Smeared Triple Amputee Purple Heart Vet Bc He Ran a Right-Wing FB Pg


NBC News smeared triple amputee Iraq war vet Brian Kolfage – the man behind the GoFundMe of the border wall – because the purple heart recipient once ran a right-wing Facebook page.

Is there no low to which the mainstream media won’t stoop?

In an article entitled Founder of viral fundraiser for Trump’s border wall has questionable news past, Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny try to impugn Kolfage’s credibility by dropping the *bombshell* revelation that he once ran a conservative Facebook page called Right Wing News.

The horror!


NBC Anchors Irritated Federal Judge Ruled Obamacare “Unconstitutional”

FAKE NEWS: NBC Claims Trump Telling Aides He’s Worried About Impeachment

ABC, NBC Hype President Trump’s ‘Inevitable’ Impeachment Ahead of 2020

NBC Ignores Own Reporter, Crew Assault by Antifa Thugs in Charlottesville

NBC Promotes Parents Who Refuse to Assign a Gender to Their 3-YO Twins

NBC Anchors Irritated Federal Judge Ruled Obamacare “Unconstitutional”


NBC anchor Willie Geist and Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd were miffed during Sunday Today following a recent ruling out of a federal court in Texas declaring the so-called Affordable Care Act (a.k.a ObamaCare) was unconstitutional since the “tax” penalty was a zero dollars. The liberal duo was not having any of it.

After trying to ease the fears of viewers who might have insurance plans through ObamaCare, Geist went off on Republicans for trying to have a health care debate after a midterm election where they lost the House.


FAKE NEWS: NBC Claims Trump Telling Aides He’s Worried About Impeachment


NBC News has published a report claiming that President Trump is telling those close to him that he is worried about a push toward impeachment by Democrats.

According to the report, “he has told people close to him in recent days that he is alarmed by the prospect, according to multiple sources.”

The sources are, of course, anonymous.

The report states:

“Trump’s fear about the possibility has escalated as the consequences of federal investigations involving his associates and Democratic control of the House sink in, the sources said.”


Brennan, Establishment Trying to Sell Idea That Trump Can’t Run in 2020

ABC, NBC Hype President Trump’s ‘Inevitable’ Impeachment Ahead of 2020

Former Obama Officials Want Trump Removed From Office, Jailed

Michael Moore Tells Angry White Americans Their Demographic is “Over”


During an appearance on NBC’s “Late Night” with Seth Meyers, film maker Michael Moore called on “angry white American guys” to “give it up” because their demographic time is over.

“They are fanatical about this because they know their time is up. And it’s sort of the angry white guy, which actually — I’m really Trump’s demographic,” said Moore.

“I’m an angry white guy over 50 with a high school education. So that’s me. So if I could just speak to my fellow angry white American guys who are semi-uneducated like me. Dudes, give it up. We’ve been running the show for 10,000 years. It’s like — it’s like we’ve had a long run as men running everything. And, you know, the Yankees could never win as many pennants as we’ve won in these 10,000 years as men,” he added.