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Media Labels Americans Russian Agents, Uses FB To Back Up This ‘Fact’

Russian attempts to skew the 2016 US election through Facebook reached much, much further than first thought. Numerous publications (including Axios, NBC News and the New York Times) have obtained Facebook’s prepared testimony for the Senate, which reveals that Russia-linked pages reached 126 million American users between January 2015 and August 2017. That’s over half of the social network’s US base, for those keeping track. About 80,000 pieces of divisive materialwere shown to 29 million users whose likes, shares and follows spread the content to many more people.

There’s more beyond that. Facebook also deleted over 170 Russia-linked Instagram accounts that had made about 120,000 posts, and it had discovered security threats against politicians that stemmed from APT28, the hacking team regularly connected to Russian military intelligence.