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Ocasio-Cortez Announces Nationwide Tour to Promote Fascism


Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is taking the Green New Deal on the road to build support for her socialist pipe dream.

“Let’s go: ‘We’re starting a 15-city tour + a 50-State campaign, starting in early primary states, to build political and public support for a Green New Deal,’” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Thursday.

Her tweet included a video by far-left group Now This explaining the Green New Deal, which would implement a number of “social justice” and de-industrializing policies within 12 years.



Establishment Forcing Socialism on Public to Wreck Economy


If somebody offered you a sandwich for free, you’d probably take it. $10? You might take it, if it was really good. $30? No thanks.

Voters are beginning to do similar cost-benefit analysis on Medicare for all, the Democratic plan for universal health care that’s sure to be a top campaign issue in 2020. In a January Morning Consult poll, 56% of respondents said they support Medicare for all, while 29% opposed it. Less than a month later, support fell to 50% while opposition rose to 38%.

The only thing that changed? People began to get a better understanding of what Medicare for all actually is—including the need to eliminate the private insurance system.


Trump JR Urges Youth to Reject Loser Teachers Pushing Socialism


Donald Trump Jr. encouraged young conservatives to reject collectivism and socialist indoctrination being pushed by “loser teachers” during an electrifying warm-up speech ahead of his father’s El Paso address on Monday.

After blasting Democrats for their attacks on American institutions and principles, Trump turned his attention to fledgling free thinkers.

“I love seeing some young conservatives because I know it’s not easy,” Trump said. “Keep up that fight — bring it to your schools. You don’t have to be indoctrinated by these loser teachers that are trying to sell you on socialism from birth.”

“You don’t have to do it because you can think for yourselves. They can’t.”


Senator Blasts Media For Covering Up AOC’s Botched Green New Deal


Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton unloaded on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal and said the media were “complicit” in burying the most radical parts of the deal.

Cotton, a staunch Republican, appeared on The Hugh Hewitt Show on Tuesday and discussed the widely ridiculed Green New Deal that aims to implement sweeping changes across the nation.

But what particularly caught Cotton’s eye was how the media became complicit in hiding the now-infamous FAQ document circulated by the Ocasio-Cortez office, which included lines such as promising a job to “all people of the United States” – including those “unwilling to work” – and making air travel industry obsolete.

Fox News

Home Depot Co-Founder: “Socialism Comes Right Out of the Universities”


The push for socialism in America is coming right out of the universities, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus said.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Marcus talked about the decline of Venezuela and Cuba and how it served as a “perfect example of socialism gone wrong.”

“They [Cuba] took a great country and they put it right down the drain in every way possible,” he said. “People are starving to death. Medical [care] is not available for them.”


New Jersey Adopts Socialism, Raises Minimum Wage to $15

New Jersey’s governor signed legislation Monday to gradually increase the state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour, marking the latest win for the Fight for $15 labor campaign.
The Garden State’s wage floor will rise from its current rate of $8.85 per hour to $15 by 2024 for most workers. Small businesses that employ fewer than six people will have an extra two years before $15 becomes the minimum.
The plan, approved last week by the state’s Democratic-controlled legislature, makes New Jersey the fourth state to put its minimum wage on a path to $15. The three others are California, Massachusetts and New York.
Gov. Phil Murphy (D) said he was “incredibly proud” to sign the legislation, “ensuring that the most vulnerable among us will have the means to put food on the table.”

CIVIL WAR: Venezuela Rises Up Against Socialist Dictator Maduro


Venezuela is in turmoil after President Trump announced he recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the nation’s president, rather than socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro.

The capital city of Caracas was flooded Wednesday with hundreds of thousands of people protesting Maduro’s corruption and failing socialist policies.


Central Banking Ruined Venezuela

How Gun Control Became an Instrument of Tyranny in Venezuela

Establishment Pushing Victim Mentality to Use Socialism to Wreck Country


It seems that socialism is like an infectious disease that everyone has to get ill of to develop immunity. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn pointed out, “For us in Russia, communism is a dead dog, while for many people in the West, it is still a living lion.”

This dead dog, expelled from Russia, acquired a new life in the United States and regained vitality to become a living lion within the Democratic Party.

The 2018 Democratic victory in the midterms brought new Marxist arrivals to the House of Representatives who are interpreting the elections as an endorsement of socialist policies. They dropped all the pretenses — no liberals, no progressives — they are proud Marxist-Leninists driven by the ideology and committed to converting this country into the United Socialist States of America.

the Hill

How Gun Control Became an Instrument of Tyranny in Venezuela


Is Venezuela paying the price for adopting gun control?

The shocking nature of Venezuela’s economic collapse has been covered ad nauseam. However, one aspect of the Venezuelan crisis that does not receive much coverage is the country’s gun control regime.

Fox News recently published an excellent article highlighting Venezuelan citizens’ regret over the gun control policies the Venezuelan government has implemented since 2012. Naturally, this regret is warranted. The Venezuelan government is among the most tyrannical in the world, with a proven track record of violating basic civil liberties such as free speech, debasing its national currency, confiscating private property, and creating economic controls that destroy the country’s productivity.


HuffPost Calls Dems’ $15 Federal Minimum Wage Bill “Smart Economics”

Congressional Democrats, empowered by their new House majority, introduced legislation on Wednesday that would raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. It’s incredibly significant, both in symbolism and in effect. It’s a clear sign of how far the Democratic Party has moved — and how it’s moved toward smart, powerful economic policymaking.
It was just six years ago that President Barack Obama was pushing an increase in the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour, where it has now sat for nearly 10 years, to $9 an hour. Democrats in Congress went slightly further in 2013, introducing a bill to set a $10.10 wage floor. Even three years ago, the party power was advocating an increase to only $12 an hour.