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Yahoo Praises Obese Model For “Shutting Down” Body Shamers


Merry Christmas to everyone, except for Tess Holliday‘s body shamers.

The plus size model took to Twitter Tuesday evening to send out a PSA to people trying to disparage her for her weight with a meme comparing her to a hippo. The mean-spirited image was screenshotted from an Instagram account known for posting viral content that has more than 14 million followers. Holliday, however, wanted to let those interacting with the post and sending it to her know that it wasn’t accomplishing what they wanted it to.

Yahoo Lifestyle

“Body Positivity” Promotes Unhealthy Lifestyle


A physician and former Green Beret has tweeted about the dangers of the ‘body positivity’ movement after Cosmopolitan featured an obese model on the cover of its UK edition.

The October issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in the UK will feature “plus-sized” model Tess Holliday, a “body positivity” activist who weighs almost 300lbs, meaning at a height of 5″5′ she is clinically obese.

TV host Piers Morgan slammed the decision to feature Holliday, writing that the cover “is just as dangerous & misguided as celebrating size zero models” given that Britain is battling an obesity crisis.