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IRONY: Twitter Attacks John Cusack Over Meme About Fascism


John Cusack sparked outcry Monday night after retweeting an inflammatory image that has been slammed as anti-Semitic.

The 52-year-old actor, who frequently posts about politics and social issues on his Twitter account, retweeted an image of a sleeve stamped with a Star of David, the hand jutting from it crushing a mass of people. Next to the image is the quote “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize,” which, despite being mistakenly attributed to the philosopher Voltaire, is actually based on the writings of white nationalist Kevin Strom.

Cusack added the remark, “Follow the money.”


Actress Shames Teacher For Sitting During Pledge of Allegiance


Kristy Swanson, star of the 1992 film Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is back in the news thanks to her participation in a pro-Trump production focusing on the texts between two former FBI agents investigating the president for collusion. But the conservative actress took a break from rehearsals for FBI Lovebirds: UnderCovers to vent about a teacher at her son’s school whom she claims refuses to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Swanson and her husband, former figure skater Lloyd Eisler, have a 12-year-old son, Magnus. According to the Buffy star, her son’s friend told her that a teacher at their school doesn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, and allegedly told students that they too could skip out.


Bette Midler ‘Jokes’ About Wanting Someone to Stab President Trump


Just days after Cher walked back a controversial tweet about Donald Trump becoming a “toyboy” in prison — which she later acknowledged was “wrong” — Bette Midler is sparking outcry with a joke his supporters claim to be a violent threat.

The singer and actress, who has frequently decried the Trump administration on Twitter, posted a series of tweets insulting the president on Tuesday. After Midler expressed support for London Mayor Sadiq Khan and noted the city’s anti-Trump protests, POTUS fired back with a scathing tweet of his own.

The president called Midler a “washed-up psycho” and a “sick scammer” and cited a past incident in which the Beaches star had mistakenly attributed a quote to him.


Hollywood Threatens Country With Violence Once Left “Wins”

Pathetic Snoop Dogg Advertises Dead Trump on New Album

Anti-Trump Artist Depicts ISIS-Style Beheading of President at Portland Gallery

Liberal TV Writer Threatened Trump Jr’s Baby Daughter, Groveled in Apology

Jim Carrey Wants to “Figuratively” Burn President Trump at the Stake

Peter Fonda Wants Baron Trump Raped by Illegals, ICE Agents’ Children Terrorized

Over 65,000 Twitter Leftists Encourage the Murder of a Pro-Trump 7-Year-Old


A Twitter user published a meme portraying an angry, roided-out driver speeding toward a conservative 7-year-old who has raised over $22,000 for President Trump’s border wall.

At the time of writing this article, the tweet has 66k likes and 12k shares on the social media site.

Infowars wrote about the 7-year-old boy’s fundraiser in February, after liberals called the child “Little Hitler” for supporting the border wall.

The child is donating money raised by his hot chocolate stand to the nonprofit group We Build The Wall, Inc. who has raised over $23 million.

Last week, the organization started construction on the wall and completed a half-mile stretch near El Paso, Texas.

“We Build The Wall,” organizers allowed the young man to lead the ribbon-cutting ceremony to kick off the construction project.


Tweet Encouraging Leftists to Steal From Walmart Liked by Over 300,000 of Them

Twitter Leftists Celebrate Girl Who Wants Fewer White People in the World

Former CIA Officer Warns: Leftists Going to Get More Violent in Next 2 Years

HuffPost Claims Twitter Has “White Nationalist” Problem Despite Leftists Hating Whites, Nationalism


Last month, Twitter put up another blog post declaring that it had made “strides” to build a “healthier” service. Fewer bots, less spam, proactive policing of abuse. It sounded, again, like progress.

Then Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, appeared at TED2019 in Vancouver, Canada, to talk about the “health of the conversation” on his platform. Dorsey, who still commands puffy profiles in The New York Times, often resorts to meaningless jargon when confronted with actual questions. In Vancouver, he threw around terms like “shared reality” and “variety of perspective.” He talked about watching “measurements trend over time.”

Eventually, the TED moderator, Chris Anderson, cut him off.


Twitter Leftists Celebrate Girl Who Wants Fewer White People in the World

Hollywood Laments Popularity of Nationalism, Cries “Racism”

UK Student President Wants to Oppress White People, See Islamic Takeover

Hollywood Threatens Country With Violence Once Left “Wins”


Actor Jeffrey Wright on Wednesday appeared to warn that when the political left in America “get the power” back from Republicans, “everybody else” should “fucking duck.”

“Message from the @GOP:” Jeffrey Wright began, “There are no principles — not ethical, moral, legal, constitutional, religious, spiritual — NONE. There’s only power. And when we get the power, everybody else fucking duck.”

“Lesson for everybody else: Get the power,” the Westworld star’s message concluded. It came as former Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered remarks at the Justice Department on Wednesday about the conclusion of his election interference investigation.

“If we had confidence that the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so,” Robert Mueller said, Wednesday echoing the conclusions made in his 800-plus page report. “Charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider. It would be unfair to potentially accuse somebody of a crime when there can be no court resolution of the actual charge. So that was Justice Department policy. Those were the principles under which we operated.”


Tweet Encouraging Leftists to Steal From Walmart Liked by Over 300,000 of Them


A tweet encouraging consumers to steal from retail chain Walmart has amassed over 300,000 likes.

After a woman tagged the retail chain in a post explaining why liberals had a moral obligation to steal from companies that supported politicians who voted in favor of Alabama’s recent ban on abortions, another person came along and condensed her point into a brief, but popular retweet: “STEAL FROM WALMART 2019.”

The tweet prompted confessions from Walmart shoppers who claimed to have been stealing from the company for years.


EU’s Orwellian Tweet Gets Trolled


The European Commission, the executive arm of the EU, faced backlash online over the weekend after it tweeted out a creepy statement that sounded a lot like something straight out of George Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece 1984.

The creepy message, ending with the command ‘Vote’, is reminiscient of the three slogans of ‘the party’ of Big Brother in 1984: “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.”


Twitter Leftists Celebrate Girl Who Wants Fewer White People in the World


The story of a girl who vowed to never have babies because “she doesn’t want to create any more white people” went viral on Twitter, with many respondents celebrating the prospect.

“Can’t stop thinking about how yesterday a white girl in my class said that she’s planning on never having kids because she doesn’t want to create any more white people,” said the tweet, which was posted by an Asian student.

The tweet was received warmly by the vast majority of respondents. It received over 23,000 retweets and 136,000 likes.

Crucially, the tweet was not ‘ratioed’ – receiving under 500 responses at time of writing, indicating that most people who retweeted or liked the tweet endorsed its message.

Respondents praised the white girl for her valiant sacrifice.

“She deserves a trophy,” remarked one.


Twitter User Blasted For Saying Miss Scotland Beauty Contest Not Diverse Enough


A Twitter user was blasted with thousands of responses after complaining that the Miss Scotland beauty contest was not “diverse” enough.

“Delighted to see such a diverse lineup for miss scotland this year,” Iain Robertson sarcastically joked, apparently triggered by the whiteness of the contestants.

He then added that, “the governing body that needs to have a good think.”