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This is What Social Media is Doing to Us


Scientific study after scientific study is showing that too much time on social media can be extremely harmful both mentally and physically.

But even though most of us know this, very few of us actually alter our behavior in a meaningful way.  When Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other major social media platforms first emerged, we welcomed them with open arms.  They were a lot of fun and they allowed us to interact with family, friends and society as a whole in ways that we had never been able to do before.  But they were also extremely addictive, and they rapidly became transformed into dumping grounds for just about everything toxic, negative and malevolent that you can possibly imagine.  Today, many of us spend far more time on social media than we do with real people, and as you will see below, that has enormous implications for our future.

A growing body of scientific research clearly indicates that spending too much time on social media can be very bad for us.  For example, just consider what a long-term study that was conducted by Gallup over a period of two years ultimately concluded

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Regularly Using Social Media Causes Stressed, Fuels Addiction

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Former Canada PM “Rooting” For Dorian to Hit Mar-a-Lago

kim campbell

A former Canadian prime minister deleted her tweet and issued an apology after wishing for Hurricane Dorian to make a “direct hit” on Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump’s luxury resort in Palm Beach.

“I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar a Lago!” former PM Kim Campbell randomly proclaimed on Twitter Wednesday, referring to the enormous Category 3 storm threatening the Florida peninsula.


Bored Twitter Leftists Troll Pro-Trump “Masterpiece” Painting


To the delight of Twitter users across the country, right-wing artist Jon McNaughton revealed “The Masterpiece” on Tuesday, a portrait that shows President Donald Trump about to metaphorically unveil his vision for America.

It’s where Trump’s right thumb is placed that aroused at least one person’s attention.

Other people were inspired to create their own masterworks.


FB Punishes Trump ‘Crossing the Swamp’ Painting Post

Pro-America Artist Depicts President Trump ‘Crossing the Swamp’

Radical Feminist Wants to Kill All Men


Somebody must’ve not been paying attention in biology class.

A rant from feminist YouTube star named Jenny McDermott has gone viral on Twitter over the past few days. In it, McDermott tells her audience that, to create the ideal conditions for the survival of the human race, we must kill all men and male babies.

“We need to kill all men. I am sick of being a baby factory that produces more men who will in the future subjugate me. The solution to that is to kill any man that you see in the streets just any swinging dick. We want the species to go on but we only want it to go on with women in it.”

Don’t believe us? Here’s the clip. And (at least as far as we can tell) it’s not a deep fake.

Zero Hedge

Twitter Locks McConnell’s Account After He Posts Leftists Threatening His Family


Twitter forced Sen. Mitch McConnell’s campaign Team Mitch to remove video of leftists calling for violence outside the Senate Majority Leader’s home in Louisville, Kentucky on Monday, saying the footage violates the platform’s “violent threats policy.”

“This morning, Twitter locked our account for posting the video of real-world, violent threats made against Mitch McConnell,” McConnell’s campaign manager Kevin Golden said.

“We appealed and Twitter stood by their decision, saying our account will remain locked until we delete the video.”

The social media company also forced two other accounts to remove the video, including congressional staffer Ben Goldey and Daily Wire journalist Ryan Saavedra, despite the video’s obvious newsworthiness.


Viral Video of Young Girls Dancing Suggestively to Rap Music Angers Twitter


A viral video of young girls dancing suggestively to rap music has been taken by some as a damning indictment of modern society, with one respondent commenting, “When I was their age I was coloring and playing with dolls.”

The clip, which has over 300,000 views, shows a group of girls, one of whom look as young as eight, twerking and dancing in a sexually suggestive manner while hip-hop plays in the background.


WTF: Leftist Parents Say Children Love “Kink” of Gay Parade, Twerking For Men

Democrats Blame ‘Russians’ For “Clinton Body County” Trending on Twitter


You’d think Democrats would have learned by now that blaming everything on pesky Russians isn’t something that resonates with that many level-headed Americans.

Well think again.

#ClintonBodyCount began trending on Twitter in response to a story about Jeffrey Epstein being found nearly unconscious in a fetal position inside his NYC jail cell, with the cause of his injuries unknown.

The incident was reported at around the same time a new story emerged confirming that, despite Clinton’s denials, Epstein visited the Clinton White House multiple times in the early 90s.

Fresh attention on Clinton’s connection to Epstein is clearly why #ClintonBodyCount began to trend, but many Democrats went ahead and blamed Russia anyway.

“Russia didn’t wait long to prove Mueller 100% correct about Putin interfering in our politics today with the #ClintonBodyCount trending hashtag,” asserted Grant Stern.


Suicide or Attempted Murder: Epstein Found Unconscious in Jail Cell

Leftists Devour Bette Midler Over Racist Anti-Trump ‘Joke’


Bette Midler is facing backlash after suggesting that President Donald Trump paid African American supporters to add “blackground” to his rally.

The outspoken Trump critic took to Twitter Wednesday to share a photo of a group of black men standing in the crowd behind Trump during one of his reelection rallies.

“Look, there are African American men in this shot! How much did he pay them to be ‘blackground’?” Midler, 73, tweeted to her 1.7 million followers.

Her remark was instantly slammed as “racist” and “really sick.”

“Wow, Bette! That’s some racist crap right there. I guess an old, white woman like yourself gets to decide what and how black people should believe and vote,” @staceybeast tweeted, while @Sammurica wrote: “People of different races are allowed to support whoever they want. Shocking, I know.”

USA Today

Bette Midler ‘Jokes’ About Wanting Someone to Stab President Trump

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John McAfee Detained Days After Warning CIA Hunting Him


Update (Wednesday, July 24 5:15PM CT): On Wednesday, tweets showed McAfee was released from detention, where he’d reportedly been held for four days.

Taking control of his Twitter account, he promised more updates to follow.

Original story continues below…

Former tech CEO John McAfee and his wife were detained by unspecified authorities Tuesday, according to a person who took over his Twitter account.

According to Rob Loggia-Ramirez (@Loggiaonfire on Twitter), McAfee, his wife and “other companions” were “detained by authorities at their latest port of call.”


Twitter Suspends Angel Mom For Posting About Illegal Immigration

angel mom

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza, who heads the Angel Families organization, has been suspended from Twitter after posting about illegal immigration and raising awareness about the harms of sanctuary city policies.

Angel Mom Mendoza’s son, 32-year-old police officer Brandon Mendoza, was killed in May 2014 by a drunk illegal alien who was driving the wrong way down a highway in Mesa, Arizona.

This week, Mendoza was suspended from her Twitter account and told she would not be able to sign back in unless she deletes a series of posts about crimes committed by illegal aliens and the impact of sanctuary city policies on American citizens.


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