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Nigel Farage’s ‘Brexit Party’ Sailing to Victory in EU Elections

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The euroskeptic Brexit Party headed by former UKIP leader Nigel Farage is looking at a solid victory in the European elections, early exit polls show, placing it at about 30 percent, over 20 percent ahead of the Conservatives.

The Brexit Party appears to have scored big in the UK’s portion of the European Parliament elections, with early results and projections on Sunday night showing it ahead of the rest of the field.

Farage began celebrating as the first exit polls started coming in. “It looks like it’s going to be a big win for the Brexit Party,” he told reporters.

With about 55 percent of the vote in, Brexit has some 31 percent, followed by pro-EU Liberal Democrats with 20, Labour with 14 and the Greens with 12. The Conservatives are taking a massive hit and are projected to win only about nine percent.


UKIP Full of Resigning Sellouts Over Tommy Robinson


The former Deputy Chairwoman of UKIP has become the latest member to quit the party in protest at the leadership of Gerard Batten and his association with Tommy Robinson.

Suzanne Evans said she had become “increasingly alarmed in recent months by the perverse direction” Batten was taking the party, the day after its national executive voted against a motion of no confidence in him.

Batten has come under fire within the party in recent weeks for taking Robinson as an adviser on prison reform and rape gangs.

Last month former leader Nigel Farage said he would write to UKIP’s ruling National Executive Committee to demand a vote of no confidence to remove Batten as leader, and accused him of damaging both the party and the Brexit cause.

But, on Sunday UKIP said its NEC had voted “overwhelmingly” against a motion of no confidence.

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UKIP Losing MEPs After its Leader Nominated Tommy Robinson as Advisor


UKIP has now lost close to half of its representatives in the European parliament after suffering two departures in the space of five days.

East of England MEP Patrick O’Flynn announced on Tuesday that he has quit the party in protest at the decision of its leader, Gerard Batten, to employ English Defence league founder Tommy Robinson as an adviser.

But Yahoo Finance UK can also reveal that north-west England MEP Louise Bours has also quietly left the party.

It means just 14 of the 24 UKIP MEPs elected at the last European elections remain in the party.


Nigel Farage Slams Appointment of Tommy Robinson as an Advisor

Tommy Robinson Gets 13 Months For Live Streaming Outside Courthouse

Nigel Farage Slams Appointment of Tommy Robinson as an Advisor

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Nigel Farage has called for UKIP leader Gerard Batten to be sacked for appointing Tommy Robinson as an adviser.

Former party chief Mr Farage said Mr Batten was taking the Eurosceptic party in a ‘shameful’ direction.

He hit out at the appointment of Mr Robinson, telling BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “Well, I’m appalled.

“The NEC of the party voted overwhelmingly last week not to have a ballot of members to let the man, potentially, join the party.

“But Gerard Batten has got this, sort of, fixation with Tommy Robinson and discussing Islam, and dragging UKIP into a direction of effectively being a, sort of, street activist party.”

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British Boy Given Detention For Suggesting He Would Vote For UKIP


LBC’s, Nick Ferrari was shocked when a caller on his show said “his teenage son was given detention along with 2 other class mates for saying they’d vote Ukip during an election.”

The teacher responded to the students by saying “all Ukip voters were racists” and then handed out detention for their comments.

The boy’s father couldn’t believe this happened at his son’s school and Nick Ferrari described the incident as “outrageous & absurd!”

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Tommy Robinson Supporter Kicked Out of Class For Having “Wrong Political Views”

Farage Slams EU Defense Project


Former head of UKIP Nigel Farage slammed the EU defense plan, saying that by building an army to rival NATO, Brussels is “hell-bent” to be in direct collision with President Donald Trump and the bloc.

“You appear to be hell-bent on pushing for your European army, hell-bent for a foreign policy without veto, and hell-bent to be on a direct collision course with President Trump, and with NATO,” Farage said on Tuesday while blasting the EU leadership during a debate at the European Parliament.

Former head of the openly Eurosceptic UK Independence Party (UKIP) rode roughshod over the idea to create a “fully-fledged European Defense Union” by 2025 – the initiative pushed by the European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker and supported by many EU member states. Reminding everyone that NATO leaders are to meet Donald Trump in Brussels next week, Farage warned that the establishment of ‘parallel’ military structures in Europe will eventually spur a conflict with Washington and NATO.


MEP Slams EU Globalits For ‘Islamic Invasion’ of Europe


MEP and UKIP leader Gerard Batten caused howls of derision in the European Parliament today after he accused globalists of allowing an “Islamic invasion” of the continent.

“Our security is endangered because of the results of mass immigration,” said Batten, pointing to the arrival of millions of migrants from Africa and the Middle East since Angela Merkel opened Germany’s borders in 2015.

“You have turned many parts of Europe into foreign countries,” he continued, before savaging the EU for framing the debate as “helping defenseless refugee families” when in reality, “the vast majority of these migrants are young men from Islamic countries.”

“This is not immigration, this is invasion,” said Batten, a line that prompted an outburst of audible moans from globalist members of the Parliament.


Farage: Bombing ‘Bad Guy’ Assad Will Cause ‘Chaos,’ Help Terrorists



Theresa May Threatens Brexit Success

Britain will be plunged into its most acute constitutional crisis since the Second World War if Theresa May allows Brexit to be thwarted or watered down, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said.

Mr. Farage – the Member of the European Parliament (MEP) who did more than anyone else to bring about the Brexit referendum – said the establishment was working to keep the UK tied to the bloc.

He specifically named the Hungarian-American banking billionaire and pro-open borders activists George Soros, who is funding efforts to overthrow the government and block the democratic will of the British people, calling for an “investigation” into his influence.