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US Officials Gather to Discuss Military Options in Venezuela


On Wednesday afternoon, senior U.S. officials gathered at the White House to discuss possible military options for Venezuela.  Meanwhile, the Russians are warning of grave consequences if the U.S. invades, and so the stage is being set for a potential showdown between the world’s two foremost military powers.  Previously, administration officials had hoped that the Venezuelan people would rally around Juan Guaido to such a degree that it would not require military intervention to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, but that hasn’t happened.  In fact, Guaido’s big push to start a revolution in the streets over the past few days has ended up being a total flop.  The following comes from Yahoo News

Guaido had called for the “largest march” in Venezuela’s history and said on Twitter that “millions of Venezuelans” were in the streets in “this final phase” of his move to oust Maduro.

But by late afternoon, many of the protesters in the capital Caracas were drifting home.

Despite Guaido’s calls for the military to support him, the armed forces leadership has so far remained loyal to Maduro, who has been in power since 2013.

Economic Collapse

Ilhan Omar Blames US For Venezuela Crisis


Rep. Ilhan Omar blamed the US for the political turmoil in Venezuela, saying we “helped lead the devastation” through the use of sanctions.

“A lot of the policies that we have put in place has kind of helped lead the devastation in Venezuela and we have sort of set the stage for where we are arriving today,” the Minnesota congresswoman said during an interview Wednesday with Democracy Now!. “This particular bullying and the use of sanctions to eventually intervene and make regime change really does not help the people of countries like Venezuela and it certainly does not help and is not in the interest of the United States.”

NY Post

MSNBC Admits Gun Control Leads to Civil War


An MSNBC reporter made the American case for the Second Amendment during a report Tuesday on the chaos and civil unrest in Venezuela.

Host Andrea Mitchell remarked to reporter Kerry Sanders her surprise at socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro’s ability to remain in power despite months of strife and turmoil in Venezuela under his socialist regime.

“Not only hanging on but he appears to still control the military,” Sanders said. “You have to understand, in Venezuela gun ownership is not something that is open to everybody.”


Dead Person Stripped of Their Pants in Lawless Venezuela (Video)


A horrific video out of Venezuela shows a person being stripped of their pants as they lay dead in the street.

The clip shows the dead person, who was reportedly shot, being stripped of their clothing as people scream in the background.

The video is a disturbing illustration of how lawlessness has gripped the country following its economic collapse.

According to another report, desperate Venezuelans are now raiding cemeteries looking for valuables buried with bodies.

The joys of socialism for all to see.


Maduro Regime “Biggest Drug Cartel in Western Hemisphere”


Venezuelan attorney Juan Carlos Sosa is claiming that socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro is acting as a drug cartel to ship illegal drugs worldwide.

“Maduro’s regime is basically perhaps the biggest drug cartel in the entire Western Hemisphere,” he said during an interview on FOX Business’ “Trish Regan Primetime Opens a New Window. ” Monday. “The drugs go to Latin America, to North America, to the United States, to Europe and are set out from Venezuela.”

Sosa, who once sued former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Opens a New Window. in The Hague, told Trish Regan Opens a New Window. that Maduro is utilizing state infrastructure to cultivate the narcotics.

Fox Business

Pro-Maduro Lawmakers Strip Guaido of Parliamentary Immunity


Venezuela’s self-declared president has been stripped of his immunity from prosecution.

Guaido accused acting President Nicolas Maduro’s “regime” of carrying out an “inquisition.”

Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly voted to strip opposition leader and self-declared president Juan Guaido of his parliamentary immunity Tuesday.

The move by the assembly, which is loyal to acting President Nicolas Maduro, could pave the way for Guaido’s prosecution and potential arrest.


Venezuelan Court Seeks to Imprison Opposition Leader Juan Guaidos

Venezuelan Court Seeks to Imprison Opposition Leader Juan Guaidos


Venezuela’s Supreme Court has called for opposition leader Juan Guaido to be stripped of his parliamentary immunity, in a move that could soon lead to his imprisonment.

On Monday, Supreme Court Justice Maikel Moreno said Guaido should be prosecuted for violating a travel ban, after the National Assembly leader toured several Latin American countries a few weeks ago.

The pro-government Constituent Assembly is expected to back the request over the coming days.


Venezuela Blames US For Blackout, Claims “Electricity War” Against Them


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the US of waging an “electricity war” against the country, as Caracas and other cities were plunged into darkness Thursday night. The government says the incident is likely sabotage.

Thousands of commuters in Caracas had to walk home as a power outage shut down the capital’s subway, resulting in massive traffic jams. The lights also went out in the largest airport of Caracas.

People on social media described disruptions in most of the nation’s regions and it is unclear how long the blackout will last. The government had to cancel school lessons and suspend the working day on Friday due to the emergency, Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez wrote on Twitter.

President Maduro for his part said the blackout was the result of an “electricity war” waged by “US imperialism.”


Footage of People Eating Garbage Prompted Maduro to Detain Journalists


Univision reporter Jorge Ramos was detained Monday at the Venezuelan presidential palace after reportedly showing dictator Nicolas Maduro a video of his people eating from a garbage truck.

The footage was released by one of Ramos’ associates Monday, and shows three Venezuelan men picking food out of the back of the truck before it drives off.

“These are the images that Jorge Ramos showed to Nicolás Maduro and provoked him to get up from the interview,” Ramos’ peer Enrique Acevedo tweeted in Spanish. “This is what Maduro doesn’t want the world to see.”

Ramos says he had been questioning Maduro for roughly 17 minutes about the current state of affairs in the country where hyperinflation and failed socialist policies have driven its people to starvation.


Univision’s Jorge Ramos Released After Detention in Venezuela