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Mark Zuckerberg Got $1 Billion Richer Following $5 Billion Wrist Slap


Facebook is about to get slapped with a $5 billion fine by the Federal Trade Commission because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where data from over 50 million users was used without permission.

In a surprising twist, Facebook’s stock value actually rose by 1% on Friday following the news of the FTC’s landmark fine — and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg owns a whopping 88.1% of Facebook’s shares.

Per an April financial filing, Zuckerberg owns 410,497,115 shares of Facebook. At their price of $202.31 before the news broke around 3:45 p.m. ET, his shares would be worth $83 billion. At their price of $204.87 around 4 p.m., those shares would be worth $84.1 billion.

Business Insider

Zuckerberg Seriously Tracked Memes That Called Him an Alien


Facebook built a tool to track the spread of memes that depicted Mark Zuckerberg as an alien.

Yes, this actually happened.

“Stormchaser has been used by Facebook employees since 2016 to track viral content involving everything from “Delete Facebook” campaigns to claims that Zuckerberg is an alien (big if true). In some cases, the company reportedly targeted sharers of such content with specialized messages to debunk bogus claims,” reports Gizmodo.

Yes, Facebook actually developed a tool to keep tabs on people claiming Zuckerberg was an extraterrestrial.


Brits Abandon FB Over Privacy Concerns


Facebook activity among Britons has crashed by more than one third over the past 12 months, according to the analytics firm Mixpanel, first reported by The Daily Telegraph.

Since June 2018, several months after news of the Cambridge Analytica scandal was revealed, activity on Facebook’s mobile app in the UK dropped 38% through June 2019.

User clicks on web links or adverts inside the Facebook app declined in seven of the last 12 months, with an average monthly drop of 2.6%.

The alternative data outlines an entirely different story from Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, who recently said Europe’s monthly active users continued to rise.

Investors have traditionally viewed the total number of users as a reliable metric of the social media company’s health, but with millions of fake accounts, many have turned to alternative data that shows a mass exodus of users started in the UK.

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Zuckerberg Wants to Turn FB into a Bank, Hopes People Have Forgotten Scandals


Do you want to open a bank account with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook?

No, me neither.

It’s bad enough that Facebook FB, +0.85%  says it won’t be paying a nickel of interest on any money that customers keep in the company’s new Libra digital accounts.

But why would I want to lend my money to Zuckerberg and his pals free of charge to help them take over the world? Spare me all the talk about helping the “unbanked” and the world’s poor.

This is business. Big business.

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Zuckerberg Promoting Weird Group “Living Rooms” to Listen to Conversations

FB Trying to Bury Data Mining Scandal

FB is Not a Social Network, it is a Data Mining Operation

FB Controversy Ignores Obama Data Mining in 2012


FB Now Says the Word “Honk’ is Hate Speech


Facebook removed a post which consisted simply of the word “honk,” asserting that it was a violation of their community standards.

Yes, really.

The use of the word stems from the ‘clown world’ meme – a nihilistic position many on the right are taking in light of a society in the grip of ‘progressive’ degeneracy run amok.

Apparently, it’s now verboten to even allude to the meme on Facebook.


FB Deletes CrossFit, Company Responds by Slamming “Abuse of Power”

FB Shuts Down Pro-Populist Italian Pages Before EU Elections

Zuckerberg Promoting Weird Group “Living Rooms” to Listen to Conversations

FB ‘Unintentionally’ Saved Contacts of 1.5 Million Users

Macron Greets Zuckerberg With Threat to Regulate FB

not human

French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to Paris with a warning about the company’s conduct.

The social media giant has been challenged in France over its perceived failure to tackle violent extremism, hate speech and disinformation across its platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp.

Mr Macron met Mr Zuckerberg and the company’s new head of public policy, Sir Nick Clegg, who was formerly the UK deputy prime minister and head of the Liberal Democrat party.

Sky News

Zuckerberg Promoting Weird Group “Living Rooms” to Listen to Conversations


Zuckerberg is promoting private rooms. What’s the real reason?

Touting Facebook’s new social network redesign, Mark Zuckerberg talked up digital ‘living rooms’ where people can have more revealing, intimate conversations.

MarketWatch writer Quentin Fottrell is more than a bit suspicious, and so am I. Please consider Facebook wants you to have more meaningful conversations, but that means giving up more valuable data.

Standing in front of a giant screen with the words, “The future is private,” Zuckerberg said. However, privacy advocates and communications experts are skeptical about the site’s redesign. While they agree that it’s in Facebook’s best interests to improve privacy, they also say that users won’t be distracted by Facebook’s logo and see the platform as more integrated into their desktop, while online groups will encourage them to reveal even more personal beliefs and details from their lives.


Zuckerberg Backs Stronger Internet Privacy, Election Laws, More Govt


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Saturday called for governments to play a greater role in regulating the Internet, citing four areas where he believes better rules are needed.

Zuckerberg said new regulations are needed to protect society from harmful content, ensure election integrity, protect people’s privacy and to guarantee data portability.

Facebook has faced a torrent of public criticism over its handling of Russian intervention in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and its policies on hate speech that many governments and users consider too lax. At the same time, conservative lawmakers in the U.S. have accused Facebook of political bias and censorship.

Zuckerberg proposed regulating harmful content by setting up independent bodies to set standards for what is considered terrorist propaganda and hate speech and is therefore prohibited.


FB “Accidentally” Scrubbed Years of CEO’s Old Posts


Facebook ‘accidentally’ deleted old posts by CEO Mark Zuckerberg during pivotal periods in the company’s history, reports Business Insider.

Zuck’s old posts – which were even reported on by news outlets at the time – have vanished, including every comment he made in 2007 and 2008.

“The most drastic deletions involved entire years. Throughout both 2006 and 2009, Zuckerberg was regularly active on the social network — but there are no posts visible of any kind for the two full years in between. The spokesperson confirmed that all the posts during 2007 and 2008 were deleted.” -Business Insider

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